Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Global Walking Tour: Jakarta
4 August 2018
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LONDON – In accordance with the overarching 2018 Global Walking Tour theme of “Walking on Water,” the CTBUH Indonesia / Jakarta route included three water bodies in Jakarta. PDW Architects and Jakarta Property Institute (JPI) collaborated to host the tour and focused on the current development underway in the city center, taking the subtitle “Imagine! Experiencing Walkable Jakarta.” This tour invited people to experience the current condition of the pedestrian area, and to anticipate some exciting positive changes to the urban transport network, and in turn, improvements to walkability. With the operation of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems set to begin in 2019, it can be expected that there will be a sea change in Jakarta's movement patterns.

Participants gather in front of All Seasons Hotel Thamrin (left); the MRT station entrance seen at the back (right). (Photos: Andhi Priatmoko)

The tour took place on the morning of August 4, taking the start at Dukuh Atas MRT station exits in front of All Seasons Hotel Thamrin. During the design stage of the hotel, the plan to develop the MRT and the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Rail Link had already been made public. Thus, responding to the need for active frontage, a cafe is placed facing the future green area that connects the MRT exits and Thamrin Boulevard. From the MRT exit, the group passed the Airport Rail Link Station, which started operation in December 2017, and continued walking into a tunnel that connects to the Commuter Line Sudirman Station.

Passing over Sudirman Station, the tour continued by crossing the Ciliwung River (West Flood Canal). The canal was built to prevent floods back in the Dutch colonial era. Despite the potential to be a public open space, the river is not easily accessed. Efforts to make the river bank as an active public space can be seen from the leftover of jogging lane and abandoned water taxi stop at the south of Sudirman Station

Sudirman Baru Airport Rail Link Station, seen from the Sudirman Commuter Line Station (left); crossing the Ciliwung River (right). (photos: Prasetyoadi)
Participants listened to an explanation about Setiabudi Reservoir (left); the wastewater plant at the Setiabudi Reservoir (right). (photos: Putrikinasih R. Santoso)

Upon crossing the Ciliwung River, the group took the stairs down towards the West Setiabudi Reservoir. The reservoir was built to process greywater from the surrounding developments before the wastewater treatment plant is required for each building. As new buildings are built, and older ones redeveloped, the reservoir will no longer be needed as wastewater treatment system. A revitalization plan to convert this reservoir to open space and parkland is currently an undergoing discussion.

Following the road towards Rasuna Said, pedestrians became more infrequent. Several parcels along Setiabudi Tengah Road are currently under construction. Although there is plenty of development, the liveliness of the road will rely on the type and quality of the establishments on the ground floor of these developments, as well as the comfort of the pedestrian area. The developing areas of Dukuh Atas 2 and Rasuna Said can also be accessed by the Bus Rapid Transit.

There is no usable pedestrian area between the Setiabudi Reservoir and a construction area (left)( photo: Andhi Priatmoko); a construction site near the Setiabudi Reservoir (right) (photo: Prasetyoadi)
Reaching Rasuna Said, the group passed the abandoned pylons of an aborted monorail project, as well as new pylons for the LRT. The LRT will connect the Setiabudi area to Jakarta’s satellite cities, Cibubur and Bekasi Timur. With the light rail’s introduction, the whole spectrum movement along Rasuna Said is expected to change. Comfortable pedestrian and public space – needs that had heretofore long been neglected in Jakarta, have become urgent. The group was discussing this issue as it took a short stop by Cideng River, just at the end of Setiabudi/Aini Trans Jakarta BRT Station.

Walking along the river towards Epicentrum Rasuna, the tour found new food stalls under construction. There has always been a mutual relationship between the informal food stalls and workers in Jakarta’s CBDs, even if provision of public space has been lacking. The group continued walking towards the waterfront open space at the center of Epicentrum Rasuna. The open space, designed by Urbane, is one of the city’s more successful attempts to create waterfront public open space. A small amount of Cideng River is treated and flowed into an open pond. Located between a shopping mall and apartment buildings, the place is quite lively on a Saturday morning.

Four faces of Kali Cideng (clock-wise from top left) The verge of Rasuna Said Avenue (photo: Dyah Fatma), food stall construction, Epicentrum Rasuna, and Kuningan Mulia Street (photos: Prasetyoadi)
The tour continued towards Epiwalk – a mixed-use development consisting of a shopping mall, apartment building, and office. It ended at Gran Rubina, an office building designed by PDW where the participants had a chat in the outdoor dining area on the ground level of the office building. Participants agreed that Jakarta has its contrasting aspects, but concluded that, with proper planning, investment in public infrastructure and implementation to connect the existing and future public transport, it can be a walkable city.

Participants in the CTBUH 2018 Global Walking Tour, Jakarta, posed for a group photo. (photo: PDW)
Fati Sjarif ITB Alumnus - architecture
Rani ITB Alumnus - architecture
Eka ITB Alumnus - architecture
Rudy ITB Alumnus - environmental engineering
Wendy Haryanto JPI
Ririn Kusuma JPI
Corry Elida JPI
Nadira Wandari JPI
Yoshi Dessiani JPI
Hendry Thongahan JPI
Mulya Amri JPI
Prasetyoadi PDW
Putrikinasih R. Santoso PDW
Dyah Fatma PDW
Ardes Perdana PDW
Achmad Zakaria PDW
R Rachmadanti PDW
Erlangga Baskara PDW
Andhi Priatmoko PDW
Bimo Wicaksana PDW
Luna Nuansa Iman PDW
Gito Wibowo PDW
Ilham student