Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Wolf Point West Tower Tour
August 27, 2015
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CHICAGO – On August 27, CTBUH Chicago, in association with the Young Professional Committee (YPC), hosted a tour of Wolf Point West Tower, a new building currently under construction along the Chicago River. The group was led by Randy Bullard, Vice President; Dave Alexander, Senior Vice President; and Patrick McGarvey, Project Manager, James McHugh Construction Co.; as well as Carl Moskus, Director, and Juan Robles, Associate, bKL Architects. The tour began with a brief introduction of the tower and the site context. Juan Robles described the inset balconies and careful composition of transparent and opaque glass as well as the three-dimensional, horizontal bands of aluminum tubes that lend texture to the façade. Next, Randy Bullard and Dave Alexander expanded upon some of the challenges faced throughout the construction process. Patrick McGarvey also gave the group an exclusive on the concrete operation of the project. 

The tour was then led from the ground floor to level 42. At the moment, this is the highest floor with a curtain wall in place (but no interior finishes). This allowed participants to view the shell and bones of the building. The group was then led down to the sixth floor where they could view some of the completed interiors. The team finished the tour on the ground floor along the Riverwalk arcade. After the tour, a networking event was held for tour participants at the Reverie, courtesy of McHugh and Clark Construction.

Wolf Point West Tower

The Wolf Point West Tower residential project rises 48 stories from the banks of the converging north, south, and east branches of the Chicago River. At a total height of 486 feet (148 meters), residents will be able to enjoy unparalleled views of the city, river, and lakefront. bKL served as the architect for what is the first of three towers to be constructed as part of a mixed-use master plan developed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects for Wolf Point in Chicago. The structure was designed to alleviate the Riverwalk arcade at the base of the tower. This was accomplished by implementing long span post-tensioned slabs, limiting the number of columns at the base. Outrigger walls at the top of the tower link the perimeter columns to the central core walls. The project features approximately 510 rental units within 571,000 square feet (53,000 square meters) of space, composed of a series of layered planes that form the building’s massing. Its slender, elegant profile is anchored on the riverbank by lush landscaping, with a parking garage concealed below grade. The West Tower is the first in a multi-phase $1 billion development estimated to be completed in mid-2016. Designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, this project exemplifies bKL’s commitment to reduced use of natural resources.
Ground Level of Wolf Point West Tower Interior of Wolf Point West Tower

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