Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Visits 1WTC, 4WTC and 7WTC
May 2014
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NEW YORK – Just six months after the One World Trade Center height was confirmed at 1,776 feet (541.32 meters) by the CTBUH Height Committee, Executive Director Antony Wood and Events Manager Jessi Rinkel toured the building with Jordan Barowitz, Director of External Affairs at The Durst Organization and were finally able to view the spire and other aspects of the building.
On Wednesday, May 21st, CTBUH was given a guided construction tour of One World Trade Center. The visit began at One WTC’s showroom on the 63rd floor, which demonstrates how the building’s space may be used by potential tenants, from smaller scale businesses to larger tenants needing an entire floor or two. This was followed by a tour of the 64th floor, or the soon-to-be public Sky Lobby, with floor to ceiling windows which offer an incredible 360 degree view of New York City’s landscape, including Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and the 9/11 Memorial’s reflecting pools at the foundations of the Twin Towers. With all this in view at once, one cannot help but reflect upon its remarkable history and status.

The most anticipated part of the tour was visiting the roof of 1WTC. When walking out onto what is the actual roof of the building, there is an odd sense of calm, since the roof is protected from wind by the rooftop enclosures – specifically the rings around the spire, which are perhaps 150 feet (45.72 meters) in diameter and some 40 feet (12.19 meters) in height.
Antony Wood with Jordan Barowitz, Durst Organization, at the 1WTC Spire
Standing close enough to the spire to sign with a pen (which many have done so already) makes one thing clear: the spire is definitely an integral part of the building, standing at 408 feet (124.35 meters) high - completing the full height of the building at the symbolic 1,776 feet (541.32 meters). Although while standing on the roof you are not exactly 1,776 feet above ground level (actually it is 1,368 feet /416.96 meters), the feeling is breathtaking.
One World Trade Center Lobby Model in 7 World Trade Center Marketing Center
In addition, the tours took in 4WTC and 7WTC, with Dara McQuillan, Chief Marketing Officer of owner / developer Silverstein Properties. The tour started in the 7WTC lobby, followed by the 10th floor offices. These offices, which are now occupied by Silverstein Properties’ marketing team, were once home to the numerous architects from around the world who were working on the World Trade Center re-developments. The 10th Floor Marketing Center doubles as a unique event space and houses a large scale model of the World Trade Center site and large wall displays featuring 2 World Trade Center by Norman Foster, 3 World Trade Center by Richard Rogers, and 4 World Trade Center by Fumihiko Maki (all of which are Pritzker-prize winning architects).
Four World Trade Center Lobby 4WTC 57th floor terrace with view of 1WTC
The next stop was 4WTC, which opened in November 2013 as the first functioning office tower within the WTC site. At entering the building, you are welcomed by a massive lobby, at 46 feet (14.02 meters) in height. This 72 floor, 2,500,000 square foot (232,257.6 square meters) tower is the second biggest building at the site, after 1WTC. As the top third of the building narrows, a large terrace is created at the 57th floor, which the team was able to tour. This space is being reserved as prime private space for a future tenant.

Our thanks to Jordan Barowitz, Director of External Affairs, The Durst Organization and Dara McQuillan, Chief Marketing Officer, Silverstein Properties for facilitating the tours.