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September 20, 2012
Nathaniel Hollister, CTBUH Production Coordinator
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SHANGHAI - On Thursday, September 20th, more than 100 professionals from the CTBUH Shanghai Congress had opportunity to tour China’s future tallest building.

Shanghai Tower’s rising form, scheduled to complete in 2014 at a height of 632 meters, already makes an impressive addition to the city skyline. Delegates began the tour by walking south from the Jin Mao Building, the Shanghai Congress venue and hotel, directly to the project. The tower’s spiraling form has reached the 78th level and was beginning to receive its exterior façade – a particularly transparent glazing system which should put the building’s sky gardens on display for the whole city to enjoy.

Rendering of Shanghai Tower in the Pudong skyline

The tour guests were brought into a lobby containing a large-scale model of the project as well as the models from the original project competition. There they were able to ask colleagues from both Gensler and Shanghai Tower about the design and construction of the project.

After a video about the construction of the project and plans for final lighting, delegates were brought into the tower. The trip to the top was quite a journey:  traveling up through 78 floors in construction lifts is a time-consuming endeavor. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, the lift gate opened and delegates spilled out across an unfinished floor plate. At 78 floors, Shanghai Tower was already approaching the height of its neighbor, the Jin Mao Building. Amazingly, the project still had over 40 floors to complete before topping out. The views over the city were fantastic, especially those of the nearby Jin Mao and Shanghai World Financial Center.

After some 20 minutes of discussion and photos, the delegates were brought down to the 24th level, where they were able to explore what will become one of the project’s signature sky garden spaces. Though some were distracted by the relatively thin metal lath platform which allowed a clear view of the ground, a great distance below, delegates were able to experience the space and closely examine the structural system in place to hold the project’s twisting exterior façade. The structural system defined the limits of the future sky garden (though no glazing was yet in place at this level) and also displayed the tower’s spiraling form.

Shanghai Tower under construction
The final stop for the tour was the 9th floor, which was nearly fully enclosed. Here delegates received a close look at the building’s secondary façade, which was fire rated, and looks out into a sky garden.
A group of delegates on the 78th floor of the Shanghai Tower
The tour allowed delegates from the CTBUH Shanghai Congress to closely examine a building they had already heard so much about during the event, with presentations on nearly every aspect of the project from Shanghai Tower Construction & Development, Gensler, Thornton Tomasetti, Tongji Architectural Design, Shanghai Construction, Shenyang Yuanda, Mitsubishi and others.
Special thanks to Shanghai Tower for allowing unprecedented access to the project by so many delegates and to Gensler for their assistance with facilitating and leading the tours.