Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Celebrates First Exhibition

The Council's first external exhibition, "High-Rise, Lo-Carb" which features CTBUH academic work with IIT students, officially opened Thursday night.

Chicago, June 21, 2012

CTBUH’s “Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb” design studio is exhibited as part of CAF’s “Unseen City.”

“High-Rise, Lo-Carb" officially opened Thursday night, June 21, at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, with an inaugural celebration attended by 175 design professionals, academics and architecture enthusiasts. The exhibition, which is part of the wider "Unseen City: Designs for a Future Chicago" exhibit featuring student work from four academic institutions, is open through October.

The exhibition opening, which was sponsored by CTBUH and Adrian Smith +Gordon Gill Architecture, was attended by representatives of some 20 Chicago design firms and institutions, including Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill and CAF President and chief executive Lynn Osmond.

Attendees received a first look at the recently completed “Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb” design project, an advanced architectural design studio for IIT students led by the CTBUH and AS+GG Architecture.

Visitors examine the exhibition.

“Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb” presents a vision of a more sustainable Chicago. Architecture students re-imagined six downtown sites, designing skyscrapers that address key issues for building a more livable city – a city that is not yet visible but hatching in the minds of architects and students.

“This exhibition shows the strength of design in Chicago,” said Mr. Gill, founding partner of AS+GG Architecture, who attended his first meeting as a board member of CAF Thursday afternoon. “The dialogue created by ‘High-Rise, Lo-Carb’ is an important statement to make.”

Left to right: Adrian Smith (AS+GG), Lynn Osmond (CAF), Gordon Gill (AS+GG) and Antony Wood (CTBUH) at the event

The students’ work demonstrated forward and innovative thinking about integrating tall buildings into an urban environment said CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood.

“Each of the six High-Rise, Lo-Carb projects on display in this exhibition are fundamentally born of place, physically, culturally or environmentally – and ideally all three,” Mr. Wood said.

The Council is actively looking to develop more public exhibitions as part of the group’s mandate to facilitate dialogue on the creation of sustainable tall buildings and urban environments, Mr. Wood said.

The “Unseen City: Designs for a Future Chicago” exhibition is free and open to the public.

The students and tutors of "High-rise, Lo-Carb." Left to right: Nathaniel Hollister (CTBUH tutor), Gail Borthwick (AS+GG tutor), Benjamin Sahagun, Steven Henry (CTBUH tutor), Peter Binggeser, Danny Mui, Christopher Reddy, Archit Sawhney, Matthew Byrne and Antony Wood (CTBUH tutor and director).

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The Council would like to thank Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture for its immense support of this studio, with special thanks to Gail Borthwick for her indispensible input. Additional thanks to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Illinois Institute of Technology, Halvorson and Partners and Positive Energy Practice for their assistance with the development and exhibition of “Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb.”

Picture Gallery
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Matthew Byrne's and Christopher Reddy's Plymouth Tower


Kyle Bigart's and Peter Binggeser's Clean Tower   Entrance to the Chicago Architecture Foundation exhibition   City of Chicago model featuring students' models  

Matthew Byrne's and Christopher Reddy's Plymouth Tower

Danny Mui's and Benjamin Sahagun's CO2ngress Gateway Danny Mui and Benjamin Sahagun examine exhibits
Overview of the Chicago Architecture Foundation exhibition
John Kitson (Perkins + Will) and Todd Snapp (Perkins + Will)

Adrian Smith (AS+GG) and Antony Wood (CTBUH)

Kate Keleman (CAF) in a discussion with participant

Andrew Liu's and Nicandro Sanchez's SkyFarm

CTBUH tutors Steven Henry and Nathaniel Hollister

Participants in a discussion

Alejandro Stochetti (AS+GG) and Robert Sinn (T. Tomasetti)

Kyle Bigart's and Peter Binggeser's Clean Tower CAF's Lynn Osmond addresses the attendees
AS+GG's Gordon Gill speaking to the participants
Visitors discuss the model of the city of Chicago

Gail Borthwick (CAF) and Judith Nemes (Chicago Business)