Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
 Vertical Transportation Workshop, Shanghai 2014
September 16, 2014
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH Research Manager / Researcher, Building Technology, IUAV University of Venice

SHANGHAI - The room containing the Technical Workshop session on Vertical Transportation was packed with more than 200 vertical transportation experts from all over the world.

Session Chair & Speaker:
Patrick Bass, Executive Vice President, ThyssenKrupp

Presentation Speakers:
Franz Arnold, Director, Schindler Elevators
Janne Sorsa, Manager / People Flow Planning, KONE Elevators
David McColl, Senior Manager, Otis Elevator Company
Glen Pederick, Discipline Leader, Meinhardt Group  
Speakers answer delegates questions at the end of the technical workshop.

Energy-Efficient Elevator Solutions for High-Rise Buildings & Modernization: Renewing the Lifecycle of Vertical Transportation

Patrick Bass of Thyssen Krupp presented the challenges and opportunities for energy-efficient buildings, a topic closely related to the presentation by Franz Arnold, on the modernization of lift groups to extend the lifecycle of a tall building.

Session Chair, Patrick Bass, Executive Vice President of ThyssenKrupp, presents first. Franz Arnold, Director, Schindler Elevators talks about modernizing lift groups to extend building lifecycles.
Elevator Use During Construction Time of Tall Buildings

Janne Sorsa informed the audience about the challenges faced by construction companies in bringing their construction workers to the working level during high-rise construction, presenting a solution  inspired by destination control systems to optimize the number and duration of trips. The Jumplift elevator is a “self-growing” elevator, in which the machine room moves upward in two-story increments as the building grows.

Questions from the audience focused on the twin and double-decker solutions, with the ideal solution being the combination of the two products. An interesting question—which was left unanswered by a long silence from the panel—was on the possibility of eliminating sky lobbies in future tall buildings.
Janne Sorsa of KONE Elevators explored solutions for veritcal transportation durring the construction process. A delegate asks a question during the Q & A session.
Elevator Use During Construction Time of Tall Buildings & Use of Elevators During Emergencies

The second session started with a presentation from David McColl, substituting for Paul Stranieri of Otis Elevator, on the present potential of using elevators to evacuate tall buildings. Glen Pederick of Meinhardt Group offered the audience an overview on the evolution and history of the elevator, by describing its increasing importance in shaping the modern city, including the possibilities offered by core size reduction, thanks to the lower number of elevators allowed by advanced control systems, twin systems and double–decking.
David McColl, Senior Manager at Otis Elevator Company, replaced his collegue, Paul Stranieri, as the fourth speaker. Glen Pederick, Discipline Leader, Meinhardt Group speaks about the evolution and history of the elevator.
Interestingly, while answering a question from the audience on net-to-gross area increases due to substitution of existing lifts, the panel explained that the spaced freed up by the decreased number of elevators is not premium space, as it is at the center of the building, so it can only be used for service functions (storage rooms, server rooms, etc.).