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Palais Royale

February 4th, 2010

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Palais Royale - Artist Impression

Palais Royale is a 300 meter tall residential project located at the old Shree Ram Mill in the Worli area of Mumbai. This is a neighborhood on the ocean side of the city, and close to the south landing of the Bandra Worli Sea Link. This area is characterized by both traditionally low-income area with low-rise buildings. However, the recent development of residential skyscrapers in the area has triggered a process of gentrification.

The tower is positioned in the top end of the market. It has two basements, seven parking floors, three service floors and the rest are living areas. These will be positioned around a 200 meter tall atrium in the heart of the top 2/3rd of the tower, which on completion will be the largest atrium in the world. With an octagonal shaped floor plate of 50,000 sq ft, the tower would house amenities like auditorium, spa, cricket pitch, tennis court, squash court and three swimming pools. Special attention is being paid towards fire fighting and life saving during such emergencies. Specialists have been engaged to ensure that the sound level is kept to the bare minimum since the building is surrounded by municipal roads from three sides. The apartments have imposing floor to floor heights, thus increasing the grandeur.  

Work at the Palais Royale, which was named after the Palace of Versailles in Paris, began almost two years ago. During the planning process, study was conducted to study the effect of wind on the building and the comfort level in the balconies. Also the effects of microwave radiation, originating from a nearby antenna, were assessed. The building will be cladded with Corian, which is a liquid marble produced by Dupont. It’s a lightweight material which is tested not be affected by acid rain, heat or sunlight.

The US$ 500 million project also has an ambitious sustainability program. Through the harvesting of rain water, 100% on-site sewage treatment, converting wet garbage into organic manure, recycling of remaining waste and heating of water through solar panels, to name a few, the project presents itself as the first LEED Platinum-rated skyscraper of Mumbai, as confirmed by the Indian Green Building Council. The building aims to save thirty to forty per cent on energy and twenty to thirty percent on water.

Palais Royale under construction

The tour of the Palais Royale tower was attended by approximately 100 delegates. On arrival we were transported to the 19th floor which is the level were construction was in progress. Surprisingly the tower doesn’t look that tall on the artist impressions, but once inside one realizes that everything about the Palais Royale is huge. The lobby is gigantic, the width of the building is massive and the on-site work force immense. One can only guess what kind of planning and organization it takes to get this one off the ground, especially when one realizes that all workers and building materials must use Mumbai’s hysterical infrastructural system to get to the site. After the inspection of the construction activities we were invited in the lobby where all was arranged for several members of the construction team to give a presentation about specific aspects of the tower.

From a structural side it was a fascinating tour. The project represents many breakthroughs and as such is part of a learning process for Mumbai and even India in many ways.

Conference delegates inspecting floor steel reinforcements
Mumbai - view from Palais Royale

Talati & Panthaky Associated Pvt. Ltd.
Developer Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Limited
Engineer    Lehr Consultants International (US)
    Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc (Canada)
Sew Constructions Ltd.
Structural Design Sterling Consultancy services Pvt. Ltd.
Structural Review CBM Engineers, Inc.
Services Pankaj Dharkar & Associates
Services Review Lehr Consultants International (USA)
Wind Consultants RWDI
Earthquake Consultants Taylor Devices (India)

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Palais Royale - artist impression

Palais Royale - under construction

Confrence delegates during the tour ..

Getting ready for tour's lecture

Some of many workers on the site

Construction reaching 20th floor
Construction safety net
Reinforced concrete column with Mumbai skyline behind
Conference delegates inspecting floor reinforcements Concrete column steel reinforcements
Work on the atrium perimeters
Looking down the future atrium Construction site's surrounding areas Workers at the top of construction
View to Mumbai skyline

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