Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Tall Building Fire Safety Management Course, London

Date: May 18th - May 22nd, 2015
Organizer: Horizonscan

Management of Fire Safety in Tall Buildings is essential if the risk of fire is to be kept within acceptable limits. More and more tall buildings are being built, and existing tall buildings modified and changed. Tragic fires in the recent past have shown how tall buildings can pose real challenges to firefighters and those charged with evacuating occupants. Competent fire safety management is the key to fire prevention.

Developed to complement membership of the Tall Buildings Fire Safety Network, the Tall Building Fire Safety Management Training Course is packed with useful tools and techniques for those tasked with management.

Instructors on the course are experts in their field and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Delivered over 5 days in existing tall buildings, the course will cover a wide syllabus of relevant topics and case studies.

Course Program:
Day 1
Prevention, including; case studies, fire risk assessment, management systems
Day 2
Detection and alarm, cause and effect, maintenance, degraded systems, false alarms
Day 3
Escape, evacuation strategies, lifts, disabled escape, wayfinding, car parks
Day 4
Containment, passive barriers, steel protection, sprinklers, construction work
Day 5
Firefighting, fire statistics, fire growth, firefighting techniques, wind-driven fires

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