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ThyssenKrupp Launches MULTI Ropeless Elevator System
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November 27th, 2014
Dario Trabucco, Research Manager, CTBUH
ESSEN, Germany – On a rainy November day, ThyssenKrupp announced to the world the launch of a shiny new product, which, if all goes according to plan, will turn the world of tall building design upside down – and sideways.

The few basic certainties designers have held about elevator design for 150 years – that there will be one cabin per straight vertical shaft; that there will be a motor on top of each shaft to pull the cable; and that there will be a counterweight going in the opposite direction of the cabin – have been upended.

ThyssenKrupp’s MULTI System will combine two technologies with which ThyssenKrupp made its way into the elevator market: linear-induction motors (now in use on the Accel Tapis Roulant system) and the capacity to control independent operation of multiple cabins in a single shaft, which has been applied since 2003 in the Twin system. The combination of these two technologies will allow multiple rope-less cabins to move in a single shaft and, the fact that the motor is “on” the cabin will allow the cabin to go vertically, horizontally and, potentially, diagonally.
Representatives from ThyssenKrupp reveal the features of the new MULTI System.
This technology will be available after 2016, when it will be tested at full scale on a 246-meter test tower being built for the purpose in Rottweil.

Though obviously an important piece of proprietary technology, MULTI was announced at a press event many months before its commercial availability, because designers and developers will need time to understand and exploit the full possibilities afforded by this system.