Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

CTBUH Staff Member Peng Du Receives his PhD

December 2, 2015

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We are very pleased to announce that CTBUH Researcher Peng Du has just completed his doctoral dissertation focusing on sustainable vertical urbanism at the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dr. Du joined the CTBUH in February of 2012. During his time at IIT, CTBUH Executive Director (and IIT Research Professor) Dr. Antony Wood acted as Dr. Du’s academic advisor and mentor, and guided his work on what has been both a CTBUH Research Project and the focus of his PhD work.

Dr. Du’s investigation is aimed at understanding what factors actually contribute to “sustainability” in an urban vs. suburban context. Though the belief in the sustainability benefits of "dense" versus "dispersed" is driving the development of cities over the world, the principal warrants more detailed examination. Dr. Du's research has thus been focused on deconstructing the myths on both sides of the density vs. sprawl debate. The initial phase of the study was undertaken based on two case studies: a series of residential towers in the City of Chicago as the urban high-rise case studies, and Oak Park, IL, as the suburban low-rise case studies. You may read more about the research here.

Dr. Peng Du (left) shakes hands with his academic advisor Dr. Antony Wood, IIT Research Professor/CTBUH Executive Director during the IIT PhD hooding ceremony.

Dr. Du will continue to develop his research at CTBUH, moving into a full-time role with the Council, with plans to publish a CTBUH Research Guide on the topic, which will be presented at the CTBUH 2016 Conference.
Dr. Antony Wood, IIT Research Professor/CTBUH Executive Director and Wiel Arets, Dean of the College of Architecture at IIT, engage in discussion with the dissertation review committee during Peng's PhD final defense.  From left to right: Dr. Antony Wood, IIT Research Professor/CTBUH Executive Director/Peng's PhD principal advisor; Dr. Peng Du, and Michelangelo Sabatino, IIT Professor, Peng's PhD program director.

Committee group photo after Peng's PhD defense. From left to right; Dr. Antony Wood, IIT Research Professor/CTBUH Executive Director; Professor Brent Stephens, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, IIT; Dr. Peng Du, CTBUH Researcher/ China Operations Associate; Professor Michelangelo Sabatino, College of Architecture, IIT; and Professor Nicole Ditchman, Department of Psychology, IIT.