Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH South Korea Conference Held Focusing on Tall Building Safety Measures
May 20, 2015
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With earthquakes and other natural disasters on the rise, safety is increasingly more important. Meanwhile, competition over the construction of skyscrapers shows no sign of slowing down. It is especially intense in the Middle East, China, and other parts of Asia. On May 20, CTBUH South Korea held an international conference called "Safety Considerations in Tall Buildings," focusing on new technologies applied in the tall buildings. Two hundred people attended the event which was held at Construction Building in Seoul’s Nonhyeon-dong neighborhood.
A full auditorium attends a conference presentation

The presentation topics were:

  • “Safety-Related Features to be Considered in High Rise Buildings” by Cheol Ho Lee of AON (USA), “Holistic Approach to Safety & Risk Management of Mega Buildings Complex” by Mark Hayman of Arup (Hong Kong)
  • “Disaster and Safety Management in Tall Buildings (Burj Khalifa & Lotte World Tower)” by Du-Chan Choi of Korea Fire Protection UBIS
  • “Structural Design and Construction of Shanghai Tower” by Tongji University (China) Professor Zhao Xing 
  • “Tall Building Construction Site Management: Consideration points for construction methods and safety” by Yong-Suk Choi of Lotte E&C
  • “Improved Direction for the Legal System regarding Tall Buildings” by Seoul National University of Science & Technology’s Prof. Boo-Seong Kang.
Presenters included specialists in structures, construction, and disaster prevention measures, some having participated in and they have participated in key tall building projects such as the Burj Khalifa (828 meters) and the recently completed Shanghai Tower (632 meters).
Cheol Ho Lee, Senior Vice President of AON, addresses the audience. Attendees take notes during Cheol Ho Lee's talk
The specialists explained the process of thorough analysis, described  advanced technologies used for disaster prevention, and talked about the risks involved in each project. The soon-to-be-opened Lotte World Tower which has been experiencing sinkholes and other troubling incidents was a special focus of conversation. Meanwhile, the Hyundai Motor Company recently announced that it will build new office building in Samseong-Dong just 3–4 kilometers away, which is planned to be taller than Lotte World Tower when completed. Their blueprint was released as soon as they took ownership of the Korea Electric Power Corporation site last fall, and its construction was revealed to be a long-cherished desire of Hyundai Group’s owner.
Kwang Ryang Chung, CTBUH Korea President/Principal at Dong Yang Structural Engineers, discusses safety measures in tall buildings.
The City of Seoul and its corresponding ward office remain cautious. However, there are signs for restarting the tall building project in Seoul’s Digital Media City. Also, cosmopolitan areas like Incheon’s New Songdo City and Busan’s Haeundae Beach area are showing an interest in tall buildings.