Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Urban Habitat/Urban Design Workshop
Held at 2017 Conference
Sunday, 29 October 2017

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SYDNEY – The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee held its third annual meeting and workshop during the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference. Hosted by Ethos Urban, the workshop included presentations by committee chair James Parakh, Urban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department, as well as Chris Proctor, Design Director, Ethos Urban, who presented five themes concerning urban design in Australia.
Workshop Host
Chris Proctor, Design Director, Ethos Urban speaking about urban design in Australia.

Parakh led a comprehensive discussion of the CTBUH Technical Guide The Space Between: Urban Places, Public Spaces & Tall Buildings, and talked about the guide’s research, process, and collaborations with CTBUH, specifically highlighting fellow principal authors Jason Gabel and Daniel Safarik.

The group then discussed several of the committee’s initiatives, including the walking tours and future publications. One of the concepts put forward for next year was the idea of holding a “Walking on Water” tour. This would focus on visiting tall buildings on their waterfront settings. The idea seemed to resonate with the group, although a point was raised that some special consideration would need to be given to cities that do not have waterfront or riverfront settings.

Future publications were also discussed. The working title for the next book will be “The Space Within – Communal Spaces at height in Tall Buildings”. The group also discussed themes and ideas for this next publication the space within such as how to categorize the book into sections such as publicly accessible as opposed to communal only for those who own or rent in the building.

Delegates enjoying refreshments during a break.

The session concluded with a discussion about the successful ingredients required for successful communal spaces at height. While these criteria ranged from successful and usable programs such as amenities, lounges, food establishments and gathering spaces. Obviously one of the constants remain the reason for these communal spaces at height, which is they can afford exceptional views of their surrounding contexts. It was also clearly decided to show how these spaces fit within the broader network of the city.

The meeting concluded with a welcome to new Committee members Manuela Belova and Ivan Ip. Both were in attendance and had previously organized walking tours in their respective cities of Sofia and Sydney. The next meeting of the CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban design Committee will be held in Dubai during the 2018 Conference titled Polycentric Cities – The Future of Vertical Urbanism.

Ivan Ip Architectus
James Parakh City of Toronto Planning Department
Natasha Epstein CollinsWoerman
Chris Proctor Ethos Urban
Stefan Meissner Ethos Urban
Swinal Samant National University of Singapore
Rosemary Kennedy Queensland University of Technology
Wikrom Vajragupta Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL
Chris Johnson    Urban Taskforce Australia
Donald McNeill    University of Western Sydney