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CTBUH Skin NY Report

August 27, 2015

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NEW YORK CITY – The CTBUH event Skin:NY took place at the Harvard Club of NYC on August 27. Co-chairs of the New York CTBUH Young Professionals Committee (YPC) Ilkay Can-Standard, Architectural Designer, KPF, and Hardik Doshi, Structural Design Engineer, McNamara/Salvia, began the event with an introduction to CTBUH and the committees / working groups under the organization, as well as upcoming events with emphasis on the CTBUH 2015 Conference in New York City from October 26-30. The co-chairs also discussed opportunities for those who are interested in getting involved with CTBUH and the NYC Chapter.

The CTBUH event Skin:NY, Presentation at Harvard Club of NYC

Next, Ramona Albert, Founder, Ramona Albert Architecture, introduced the speakers and the event, which focused on NYC façade high-rise design and construction.

The first presenter was Bertram Beissel, Design and Project Partner at Atelier Jean Nouvel. He presented two projects, 53 West 53rd near the MOMA and One Central Park in Sydney. Both projects presented a very different process in the two countries relative to innovation in design and façade systems, as well as pushing the limits of technology. The Sydney tower dealt with urban density and ecology utilizing a very innovative building skin, while the New York tower was presented much more in terms of its structural innovation and its relationship to the city. 

Hardik Doshi (left) and Ilkay Can-Standard (right), Co-Chairs of the New York CTBUH Young Professionals Committee
Bertram Beissel, Design and Project Partner, Atelier Jean Nouvel

Robert Otani, Principal, Thornton Tomasetti, was the second speaker. He presented on the engineering strategy behind the structure for the BIG VIA 57 West residential development, and methodologies for designing the façade to attain maximum efficiency and stability. He also presented on Cornell Gates Hall and the structural development of the building enclosure system of “The Bridge,” also a Cornell project.

Mic Patterson, Vice President Strategic Development, Enclos, works from the Advanced Technology Studio in NYC and LA. His presentation focused on the fabrication strategies for the VIA 57 West project. He specifically emphasized the challenges of systematizing the fabrication of the façade, and the innovative methods utilized in the factory to facilitate the site installation. He also presented a series of other projects from the Enclos Portfolio that showcased the challenges that often arise in the field and ways in which design and engineering are affected.

Robert Otani, Principal, Thornton Tomasetti

Mic Patterson, Vice President Strategic Development, Enclos

Eric Verboon, Associate, Buro Happold, presented on the design and engineering strategies behind the SHoP Architects-designed 111 West 57th street in NYC. His focus was specifically on the design of the façade and the engineering of the system to attain the architectural design intent. The presentation of the development of the design was a great insight into the challenges and layers that are involved in the technical development of a façade system.

Eric Verboon, Associate, Buro Happold
Ramona Albert, Founder, Ramona Albert Architecture

Upon the conclusion of the presentations, Ramona Albert moderated a discussion among the four presenters on the idea of complexity in design and the many layers that are involved in the creation of a façade system. They also discussed ways in which the façade industry can and should innovate and lead the way into more ecological building strategies. 

Panel answers questions, (left to right) Robert Otani, Eric Verboon, Bertram Beissel, and Mic Patterson

At the conclusion of the event, a reception was held at the Royalton bar.
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