Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Beijing Inaugural Event
April 22, 2015 View in Chinese (中文版本)
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BEIJING – On the evening of Wednesday, April 22, 2015, the inaugural CTBUH Beijing event was held at the office of Arup Beijing overlooking the impressive Beijing central business district (CBD). The event featured two presentations, The Implication of New Fire Code on Tall Building Architectural Design by Benjamin Chan (Director, Aedas) and Kelvin Wong (Associate, Arup), and The Development Plan for Public Space in Beijing’s Central Business District by Shao Weiping (Deputy Chief Architect, BIAD). Nearly 70 architects, engineers, developers, contractors, suppliers, and media representatives joined the Arup-sponsored event.
Peng Liu, CTBUH Beijing, welcomes attendees
Peng Liu, Leader of CTBUH Beijing, welcomed guests and introduced the Council. The first presentation outlined new China fire codes, which went into effect on May 1, 2015. Touching on one of the hottest topics among industry leaders, this presentation examined the differences between the old and new fire codes in China and their implications for tall building construction and operations. Chan and Wong introduced the major changes for engineers and architects, and briefed solutions that would help professionals adapt to the new codes.
Benjamin Chan (left), Director, Aedas and Kelvin Wong, Associate (right), Arup, present on new fire codes
The presentation filled the room to capacity
Next, Shao Weiping introduced some of the design considerations behind the Beijing CBD master plan, highlighting the inherent challenges for architects in achieving a balance between economy, culture, and the well-being of inhabitants. Featuring 19 parcels, with a total aboveground construction area of 2,700,000 square meters, the Beijing CBD core accommodates the 528-meter China Zun Tower, the 408-meter Z6 tower, as well as a number of other skyscrapers with heights ranging from 300 meters to 200 meters. Weiping’s presentation inspired the audience to further discuss and consider the interaction between buildings, their occupants, and the community.

Following the presentations, attendees and speakers participated in an in-depth Q&A session followed by a networking reception, which included food and drinks provided by the event sponsor, Arup. Based on the survey conducted at the end of the event, the majority of attendees enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to participating in future CTBUH events, indicating a strong start for the growing chapter.
Attendees network after the presentations.
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