Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

CTBUH Leaders Meet at the First Annual Tall + Urban Innovation Conference
Friday, 1 June 2018
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CHICAGO – On Friday, 1 June in Chicago, CTBUH hosted the first 2018 Leaders Meeting, which brought together the Council’s working group chairs, regional representatives, trustees, committee chairs, and staff from around the world to provide mid-year updates on recent initiatives and plans for the remainder of 2018.

The Spring Leaders Meeting brought together the Council's Trustees, Advisory Group, Working Group Chairs, Regional Representatives, Committee Chairs, and staff for a feedback session. CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, delivers introductory remarks to the assembled group.
This Leaders Meeting was quite different from previous meetings in that CTBUH invited a meeting facilitator, Matt Phillips, to develop and drive the session. The goal of bringing in a professional facilitator was to gain in-depth feedback on the Council as an organization, including what it does well, how it could improve, and exploring motivations and barriers to leader engagement, while assessing the potential for new initiatives and improvements in all areas. 

The meeting began with an introduction and welcome from CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, and CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood, both of whom encouraged Leaders in attendance to be candid with their thoughts and feedback.
Leaders Meeting attendees get warmed up with a team-building activity from facilitator Matt Phillips. From left: CTBUH Research Manager Dario Trabucco; CTBUH Trustee Dennis Poon, Vice Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti; CTBUH Advisory Group Member Rene Lagos, Founder & Chairman, Rene Lagos Engineers; and CTBUH Australia Chapter Board Member Craig Gibbons, Brisbane Buildings Group Leader, Arup. CTBUH Leaders and staff came together to strategize about the Council’s strengths and challenges. From left: CTBUH Australia Chapter Board Member Helen Lochhead, Dean, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales; CTBUH Communications Manager Jason Gabel; and CTBUH Advisory Group Member JC Gerardy, Manager, ArcelorMittal.

Phillips started the session with a simple question – “What is going well today for CTBUH?” Leaders from around the world provided answers that covered many different facets of the Council’s work, including the Tall + Urban Innovation Conference, extensive networking opportunities, and growing global reach. CTBUH UK Chapter Chair Javier Quintana de Uña, Director, IDOM stated that “every year is getting better,” and that the “conferences improve each year.” CTBUH also received positive feedback toward its multi-disciplinary component. CTBUH Australia Chapter Board Member Helen Lochhead, Dean of Built Environment, University of New South Wales said the multi-disciplinary aspect of the Council makes it “stronger and resilient,” in comparison to some other organizations.

Phillips pressed further to ask what the Leaders thought was particularly good about the Council over the past 18 months. Several Leaders pointed out that Chapter support from CTBUH Headquarters was stronger than ever, and this support had been instrumental in maximizing the success of local events.

CTBUH Philippines Representative Felino (Jun) Palafox, Jr., Managing Partner & Founder, Palafox Associates discusses the importance of focusing on urban habitat and the area surrounding high-rises. CTBUH Global “Future Leaders” Committee Chair Ilkay Can-Standard, Founder, GenX Design & Technology and CTBUH Chicago “Future Leaders” Committee Co-Chair, Brian J. McElhatten, Associate Princial, Arup were among those advocating for mentorship opportunities for younger professionals.
An important goal of the Leaders Meeting was to also receive feedback on the Council’s areas for improvement. Phillips thus inquired about the key growth opportunities for CTBUH, as well as any relevant challenges and solutions. A resounding point among the Leaders was encapsulated by CTBUH Vertical Transportation Working Group Chair Robin Cheeseright, Founding Partner, D2E International VT Consultants Ltd. Cheeseright suggested that there were opportunities for CTBUH Offices, Leaders, and Members to better-leverage their collective wisdom to influence varying aspects of the tall building industry. An overall interest was expressed in further developing and refining the “mission focus” of the Council to weigh in more heavily on urban issues as the global authority on tall buildings.
Following a morning of brainstorming and feedback, the CTBUH Leaders and Staff continued the lively discussion over lunch and networking.

As the meeting progressed, Leaders conveyed numerous ideas that would enhance how CTBUH facilitates and assists local initiatives, whether through promotion, logistics, or otherwise. They also voiced a need for more activity on social media and other marketing tools, both in support of local initiatives and the promotion of the Council generally.

After an inspiring morning of feedback, collaboration, and communication from over 40 CTBUH Leaders and Staff from all around the world, the meeting ended with a group lunch and networking. The next meeting of the group will be Saturday, 20 October in Dubai.

Name Leader Title Company City Country
Steve Watts CTBUH Chairman & Treasurer alinea Consulting London UK
Tim Neal CTBUH Trustee & Secretary CallisonRTKL London UK
Antony Wood CTBUH Executive Director CTBUH Chicago USA
Dennis Poon CTBUH Trustee Thornton Tomasetti New York USA
Vincent Tse CTBUH Trustee WSP Hong Kong China
JC Gerardy CTBUH Advisory Group Member ArcelorMittal Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg
René Lagos CTBUH Advisory Group Member Rene Lagos Engineers Santiago Chile
Mike Palmer CTBUH Advisory Group Member Perkins + Will Chicago USA
James Parakh CTBUH Advisory Group Member & CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee Chair City of Toronto Planning Department Toronto Canada
Jon Van Benthem CTBUH Advisory Group Member Autodesk Denver USA
Peter Weismantle CTBUH Advisory Group Member Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Chicago USA
Chengxiang Gao CTBUH China Office Board Member Ping An Financial Centre Construction & Development Company Shanghai China
Craig Gibbons CTBUH Australia Chapter Board Member - Brisbane Arup Brisbane Australia
Helen Lochhead CTBUH Australia Chapter Board Member - Sydney UNSW Sydney Sydney Australia
Mark Garland CTBUH Canada Chapter Secretary LCL Builds Toronto Canada
Rodrigo Carazo CTBUH Costa Rica Chapter Board Member Carazo Arquitectos S.A. San Jose Costa Rica
Javier Quintana de Uña CTBUH UK Chapter Chair Idom London UK
Kirk Harman CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Chair The Harman Group Philadelphia USA
Santeri Suoranta CTBUH Finland Representative KONE Hyvinkää Finland
Felino (Jun) Palafox, Jr. CTBUH Philippines Representative Palafox Associates Makati City Philippines
Elena Shuvalova CTBUH Russia Representative Lobby Agency Moscow Russia
David LeFevre CTBUH Atlanta Representative Perkins + Will Atlanta USA
Robert Halverson CTBUH Atlanta Representative John Portman & Associates Atlanta USA
Ilkay Can-Standard CTBUH "Future Leaders" Global Chair GenX Design & Technology New York USA
Shelley Finnigan CTBUH Chicago "Future Leaders" Committee Co-Chair ArcelorMittal Chicago USA
Brian McElhatten CTBUH Chicago "Future Leaders" Committee Co-Chair Arup Chicago USA
Ron Weber CTBUH Chicago "Future Leaders" Committee Secretary Pappageorge Haymes Chicago USA
Jeremy Hasselbauer CTBUH Seattle "Future Leaders" Committee Co-Chair Magnusson Klemencic Associates Seattle USA
Andrew Campbell CTBUH UK Chapter "Future Leaders" Committee Member Multiplex Construction London UK
John Viise CTBUH Seismic Design Working Group Co-Chair Thornton Tomasetti Chicago USA
Robin Cheeseright CTBUH Vertical Transportation Working Group Chair D2E International VT Consultants Ltd London UK
Steve Henry CTBUH Associate Director CTBUH Chicago USA
Patti Thurmond CTBUH Operations Manager CTBUH Chicago USA
Peng Du China Office Director & Academic Coordinator CTBUH Chicago USA
Jason Gabel CTBUH Communications Manager CTBUH Chicago USA
Jessi Rinkel-Miller CTBUH Events Manager CTBUH Chicago USA
Dario Trabucco CTBUH Research Manager CTBUH Venice Italy
Dan Safarik CTBUH Editor CTBUH Chicago USA
Aric Austermann CTBUH Website Editor CTBUH Chicago USA
Stephanie Bowman CTBUH Membership Coordinator CTBUH Chicago USA
Nicole McLellan CTBUH Global Initiatives Assistant CTBUH Chicago USA
Heather Spray CTBUH Global Initiatives Assistant CTBUH Chicago USA
Natalie Schoetz CTBUH Events Assistant CTBUH Chicago USA