Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Academic & Teaching Committee Holds Meeting at 2018 Middle East Conference

The meeting of the CTBUH Academic & Teaching Committee was held as part of the 2018 Leaders Meeting in Dubai.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

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DUBAI - The CTBUH Academic & Teaching Committee held a breakout meeting as part of the wider Leaders Meeting at the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference. The core issues discussed revolved around CTBUH’s evolving role as an organization, and how this will affect its relationship to academia. Chaired by CTBUH China Office Director and Academic Coordinator Peng Du and CTBUH Research Manager Dario Trabucco, the central question was, “What can CTBUH do to increase the number of academic participants?”

Among the ideas floated were: the establishment of sponsorships and discounted rates for student participation; the creation of awards or certificates for academic and student participants; and initiatives through which individual universities could organize local conferences, with the guidance of CTBUH. The idea of a “collaborative studio,” through which an online platform of videos or PDFs could serve as an educational and academic resource for concepts related to tall buildings, was also proposed.

Participants noted that there remain considerable barriers to increased academic participation, most notably the infrequent occurrence of peer-reviewed proceedings, prohibitively expensive conference fees with little or no support for academics or students, and a shared perception that the Awards Symposium – initially free for all and always featuring significant student attendance, which is now the Tall + Urban Innovation Conference – is developing into a more expensive and exclusive event. This meeting provided an opportunity to discuss and negotiate CTBUH’s evolving role and responsibilities in the academic context – a relevant and indeed fundamental component of CTBUH’s mission. Accordingly, the Academic & Teaching Committee will continue to focus its efforts on reinforcing the organization’s academic capacities as CTBUH continues to grow in size, expand in scope, and develop in orientation.

Last Name First Name   
Company Location CTBUH Role
Du Peng CTBUH Chicago, USA Co-Chair, Academic & Teaching Committee
Trabucco Dario CTBUH Venice, Italy Co-Chair, Academic & Teaching Committee
Aminmansour Abbas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign, USA Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Boake Terri University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Chu Dongzhu Chongqing University Chongqing, China Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Generalov Viktor Samara State University Samara, Russia Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Generalova Elena Samara State University Samara, Russia Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Giachetti Andrea University of Florence Florence, Italy Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Gray Lee University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, USA Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Hao Chibiao Qingdao University of Technology Qingdao, China Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Kleiss Michael University of Clemson Clemson, USA Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Kragh Mikkel University of Southern Denmark Odense, Denmark Academic & Teaching Committee Member
McCabe Brenda University of Toronto Toronto, Canada Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Mele Elena University of Naples Urban Federico II Naples, Italy Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Samant Swinal National University of Singapore Singapore Academic & Teaching Committee Member
Vyshkin Euphym Samara State University Samara, Russia Translator
Wang Zhendong Tongji University Shanghai Academic & Teaching Committee Member