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The 4th Biannual IACIE Conference for Structural Engineers Collaboration with CTBUH Israel
May 11, 2015
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TEL AVIV – The 4th Conference for Structural and Bridge Engineering organized by the Israel Engineers Association for Construction and Infrastructure (IEACI) was held on May 11, 2015 at the Dan Panorama Hotel. The conference was attended by over 500 participants including engineers, architects, contractors, and engineering students. Dr. Matti Adan, Conference Chair; Danny Marian, CTBUH City Representative / Engineers Association Chairman; and Yair Dickman, Chairman of Structural Engineering at Zinger Horowitz Buch Dickman Structural Engineering, welcomed the attendees and highlighted the contributions by IEACI towards the current and planned activities of the structural engineering profession in Israel. The keynote address was given by Scott Lomax, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti, who presented on the importance of collaboration and integration between engineering and architecture practices on the success of megaprojects. The event followed along two parallel tracks, featuring 10 presentations in the areas of structural and seismic engineering and 10 presentations in the areas of bridge engineering, infrastructure, research, and technology.

The 4th Conference for Structural and Bridge Engineering networking

Within the structural and seismic engineering track, several projects were presented showcasing the unique contributions made to engineering in Israel. Among other topics of discussion were the Sarona, a unique 50-story twisted tower built in Tel Aviv; the design of buildings with large cantilever wings in restrictive on-site conditions; and a megaproject built in Tel Aviv by the Gindi construction company.

Scott Lomax of Thornton Tomasetti Audience of The 4th Conference for Structural and Bridge Engineering

In the area of seismic engineering, presentations focused on seismic rehabilitation using dampers, the dynamic analysis of a turbo generator foundation on nonhomogeneous soil for the Israeli Electric Company, and the unique challenges of seismic retrofitting for buildings within the framework of the TAMA-38 urban renewal project.

The second parallel track of presentations featured talks on bridge design, with focus on concrete vehicle bridges, train bridges, and the long-span Ariel Sharon steel pedestrian bridge in Netania. Scott Lomax gave a second presentation on his philosophy and approach to signature bridge design, based on his work with Santiago Calatrava in Spain. Meanwhile, the research and technology sessions featured presentations on new approaches to design for structural sustainability and the use of ultra high strength fiber concrete to prolong the design life of bridges. The contribution of masonry infill walls to the prevention of progressive collapse of buildings was also addressed.
Ariel Sharon Steel Pedestrain Bridge in Netania