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CTBUH China Participates in GOA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and New Book Launch

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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GOA 20th anniversary book set.

HANGZHOU – On the afternoon of August 28, 2018, GOA’s 20th anniversary celebration was held at its Hangzhou office, where it officially launched two publications: GOA 2012–2018 and 1:1 Gravitational Field (GOA’s 20th anniversary book), which were compiled by the China Architecture & Building Press. Representatives of CTBUH attended the event to join the panel discussion and support GOA, which is a member company.

Zhou Qing gave the opening speech of the event. Hao Lu delivered a speech at the event.

Hao Lu, Senior Partner and President, GOA, gave a welcoming speech to the guests, sharing the history of GOA and its vision for the future. Zhou Qing, Assistant President, GOA, who produced the anniversary book, then shared some background with attendees about the process of developing and planning the book.

Yunfei Teng gave a speech about the book’s publication.

Xia Ai talked about the mission of GOA.

Yunfei Teng, Editor, China Architecture & Building Press, who edited the 20th anniversary book, and Xia Ai, Director, China Architectural Criticism Academic Committee, and chief researcher of Banbu culture, shared their thoughts and observations on GOA and the book with a presentation entitled “I See GOA, Inside and Outside”.

Jiaqi Qu, associate director of the CTBUH China office, participated in the panel discussion.

During the panel discussion, Chun Dai, Director of Operations, Time Architecture, and Han Zhang, chief editor of ArchDaily China office, as well as Qu Jiaqi, Associate Director, CTBUH China, and Si Shen, Director of New Media of ArchiCreation, had an in-depth dialogue with GOA partners. The topics covered during the panel included the relationship between design institutes and the industry as a whole, the development of Chinese design institutes during an age of globalization, as well as GOA’s development concept and its future areas of exploration. Attendees were very engaged with the content of the discussion.

Photo of the guests and GOA partners.

The event was not only a review of the 20-year development of an enterprise, but also a vivid summary of the 20-year experience of privatization of the China Investigation Design industry. As the theme of the event “Double Gravity” implies, GOA intended to share its knowledge and observations on the development of creativity during these varying conditions.

Linping Xizi International Tower, Hangzhou, is an example of GOA’s recent work.