Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Emerging Queensland: What’s Next for South East Queensland?
Thursday, 31 May 2018

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BRISBANE – The CTBUH Australia Chapter’s Brisbane Committee held the second of its breakfast seminars for 2018 addressing the theme “Emerging Queensland.” The focus of the event was on building resilient cities.

CTBUH Brisbane Committee Chair John Flynn, Director, Congrad Gargett, opened the breakfast seminar with an introduction to the topic of resilience. He then provided a summary of the current news from CTBUH, and highlighted the unveiling of the MULTI elevator technology – which is the largest change in elevator technology in 165 years.

Flynn then introduced speaker Dr. Louisa Carter, City Executive - South East Queensland, Arcadis, to discuss the question, “What’s next for South East Queensland (SEQ), and are we ready?” She described cities as the “wonder and challenge” of this age. She emphasized that cities are truly what drive most nations. Carter said she believed that the people of SEQ are “more ready” but not yet ready, and resilience is central to that collective readiness.

Carter described the current conditions developing cities face as a “pressure cooker.” Environmental degradation, migrating populations, reverse engineering, and unstable government all lead to big challenges ahead. She outlined many of the key issues faced in SEQ, including heat, waste, machine buildings, fire, natural disasters, energy, mode share trend, and fragility of the population.

Carter suggested that Brisbane can compete through tourism and knowledge, and proposing a “New Lens Thinking” approach to our cities. Carter described this critical moment in history regarding technology and digital advancements – mentioning that there are digital cities being developed across the world, including 20 such cities in Africa. Carter explained that the industry is focusing on building cities for future use with technological change that has occurred in one generation.

Carter described various aspects of city management, and emphasized the immediate requirement to address emerging changes through governance, legislation, regulation, standards, metrics, and data management. “What kind of city do we want?” Carter asked, referring to her conviction that taking the human experience into account is crucial to making informed decisions regarding events, smart cities, commerce, sustainability, and health. She presented Dassault Systemes in Singapore as a positive case study in this regard.

Carter then addressed technological singularity and whether a city could ever become sentient, referring to her research in embedded networks. She explained that laws are necessary to regulate the connection of individual systems, and detailed two key emerging trends. First, she explained the importance of reprofiling the layers of cities that planners are trying to unpack. Secondly, she described the design of 3D printed buildings, including the Tokyo “Pod Vending Machine Skyscraper” concept. One major takeaway from this was that designing future cites will require not only talent and skill, but the proper mindset.

In SEQ, Carter drew on the Commonwealth Games Legacy and commended the approach of focusing not on infrastructure, but rather the flow on effects. On her approach to Brisbane, Carter stated that she doesn’t have a vision aside from having a conversation. She proposed a “grab bag of ideas” approach, with the top priority for Brisbane being the integration of transport planning to address changes in future transport modes.

The presentation was followed by an expert question and answer session, and the event was concluded with a special thanks from Sandra Nilsen, Principal, Arup, who underscored the importance of discussing resilience in developing the future of South East Queensland.


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