Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Canada Event Considers “The Story of Marketing Tall Buildings”
June 20, 2017

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TORONTO – Building up momentum for the CTBUH 2017 Conference in Australia, the CTBUH Canada Chapter held its most recent event on June 20 at the University of Toronto Faculty Club. Sponsored by Milborne Group, the subject was “The Story of Marketing Tall Buildings,” featuring a presentation by CTBUH Advisor William Murray, Group Director of Strategy, Wordsearch, on the business of branding and placemaking for global tall building icons. Murray shared many stories and comedic adventures, from the cheese and pickle display in Richard Rogers’ office to stories of amenity spaces considered for Manhattan West, which would provide rooms that may only be used once in 10 years. The cheese refers to the Cheese Grater, or the Leadenhall Building, and the pickle refers to the Gherkin, or 30 St Mary Axe, both in London, England. The audience was engaged and entertained during the entire presentation.

CTBUH Advisor William Murray, Group Director of Strategy, Wordsearch, presents to a room filled with Toronto’s tall building community. 

CTBUH Canada Chair Richard Witt, Principal, Quadrangle Architects, introduced the event and included a reminder of the upcoming CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference, “Connecting the City: People, Density & Infrastructure,” as well as an overview of recent CTBUH Canada events.

Murray’s presentation was followed by a moderated panel discussion, led by Hunter Milborne, CEO of the Milborne Group. Milborne Group owns the Gulf Sotheby’s office, which is tasked with selling the residential space of Jeddah Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Alan Vihant, Senior Vice President, Great Gulf, explained the strategies of breaking down a tall building like the 80-story One Bloor East into the different development program elements, each of which fosters a specific marketing campaign. Sue Mackay, Vice President of Marketing at Empire Communities, described their best marketing campaign yet for a project in Oakville. The program was labelled “Design with Empire” whereby young designers were tasked with furnishing condominium suites for $10,000 or less. David Wex, Co-Founder, Urban Capital, described the marketing program for their project Smart House, comprising micro-sized condominiums, less than 300 square feet (28 square meters) per unit. Wex echoed many of Murray’s comments, advising that developers should have “one clear vision and one clear thought” for their projects to ensure that the development identity is targeted to the correct purchaser market.

CTBUH Canada Secretary Mark Garland, President of LCL Builds, closed the proceedings and reminded everyone of the next CTBUH Canada event, a tour of 88 Scott Street scheduled for July 19.

Group photo, from left to right: Hunter Milborne, CEO, The Milborne Group; Sue MacKay, Vice President, Marketing, Empire Communities; David Wex, Co-founder, Urban Capital; CTBUH Canada Chair Richard Witt, Principal, Quadrangle; CTBUH Advisor William Murray, Group Director of Strategy, Wordsearch; Alan Vihant, Senior Vice President, Great Gulf; and CTBUH Canada Secretary Mark Garland, President, LCL Builds.
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