Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Seattle Chapter Debates HALA’s
Impact on Downtown Development
April 18, 2017
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SEATTLE – The annual CTBUH Seattle Spring Forum featured a panel discussion examining and interpreting the impact of Seattle’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) on future downtown development. The evening brought clarity to the process through which HALA was developed and considered how it will impact projects in the city. The lively panel discussion was hosted by DCI Engineers in their 2nd floor conference room, and roughly 80 people attended the event.

Before the start of the panel discussion, attendees were greeted to a warm welcome with drinks and networking while the room was filled.

Brennon Staley, City of Seattle, provides a HALA overview.
Roger Heeringa, President/COO, DCI Engineers, opened the evening in earnest by welcoming those in attendance and introducing the topic of conversation along with the panelists: Brennon Staley, Strategic Advisor, City of Seattle; Jessica Clawson, Land Use Attorney, McCullough Hill Leary; Marty Kooistra, Executive Director, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County; Martha Barkman, Vice President of Development, Mack Urban; and moderator Sean Canady, Principal, GGLO.

Heeringa also spent some time introducing the CTBUH and its mission, both globally and locally with CTBUH Seattle.  Following Heeringa, Staley took the podium to give a brief overview of HALA. As a city planner, he has spent several years focusing on advancing the city’s affordability agenda, and was able to give the audience details on the process as well as the intended results. He focused on the city’s developer contribution requirements and explained the “grand bargain” that the city made with developers to lay the groundwork for new downtown zoning.

Roger Heeringa, DCI Engineers, welcomed guests and introduced the panelists and topic for the evening.
With the context provided by Staley, the discussion opened up to the larger panel, with each panelist sharing their initial observations on the topic. Jessica Clawson discussed the role her firm played in reaching the “grand bargain,” while Marty Kooistra spoke about his time served on the city’s HALA committee. Martha Barkman presented her experiences as a community advocate and her role in helping to shape new and past zoning regulations.

From there, the panel engaged in a lively discussion about HALA, with Sean Canady moderating. After a while, the panel took questions from the audience to clarify any points of conversation and discuss any overlooked topics.
Marty Kooistra, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County, responds to a question from the audience.
As the event wrapped up, the Chair of CTBUH Seattle’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) Joey Piotrowski, Structural Engineer, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, joined the panel to briefly discuss the YPC and encourage other participants to join. He previewed a May 25 event that will include a tour of the Optimism Brewing Company, which will examine preservation development.  Heeringa closed the event with a word of thanks to all the event sponsors, including the City of Seattle, DCI Engineers, GGLO, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County, and McCullough Hill Leary.
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