Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Innovative Motion Engineering in Tall Buildings
July 8, 2016
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TOKYO – The 2016 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum was held on July 8, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. It was the third meeting of this series forum, following the first held in Shanghai 2014 and the second in Seoul 2015. This event was organized by the CTBUH Japan Structures Committee, the Japanese Society of Steel Construction (JSSC), and the Structural Engineering Research Center of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It was also a collaborative effort with CITAB (China International Exchange Committee for Tall Buildings) and CTBUH South Korea.
The theme for this year’s symposium was “Innovative Motion Engineering in Tall Buildings.” The opening address was given by CTBUH Japan representative Dr. Koshika, CITAB Representative Prof. Guo Qiang Li, and CTBUH South Korea Representative Dr. Kwang Ryang Chung.
Following a keynote lecture by Professor Kazuhiko Kasai, Tokyo Institute of Technology, nine presentations on the latest topics as shown below were given from representatives of China, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, the event fostered meaningful discussions with more than 150 participants including researchers, engineers, and students.
  • “Performance of Seismic Protective Systems for Supertall Buildings and Their Contents”
    Kazuhiko Kasai, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • “Development of Large Tuned Mass Damper with Stroke Control System for Seismic Upgrading of Existing High-rise Building” Yusuke Hori, Structural Engineer, Kajima Corporation

  • “Seismic Retrofit of High-rise Building with Deformation-dependent Oil Dampers against the Long-period Ground Motions” Hideshi Aono, Senior Engineer, Taisei Corporation

  • “Design Consideration for Concrete High-Rise Buildings” Chul Ho Park, Director, Dong Yang Structural Engineers Group Co. Ltd.

  • “Structural Shear Wall Systems with Metal Energy Dissipation Mechanism” Guo-Qiang Li, Professor, Tongji University 

  • "Shear connector design of 123-story Lotte World Tower" Hong-Gun Park, Professor, Seoul National University

  • “Key Technologies for Supertall Building Construction (Lotte World Tower)” Gyu-Dong Kim, Director, Lotte Engineering & Construction

  • “The Structural Design of China Zun Tower, Beijing” Peng Liu, Director, Arup

  • "The Evolution of Seismic Engineering and Design of Ultra Tall Buildings in China – Innovations and Sustainability” Aaron J. Wang, Director, CapitaLand China

  • “Design and Construction of GINZA KABUKIZA Hiroshi Kawamura, General Manager, Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei
The event was held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Prof. Kasai, Tokyo Institute of Technology, presents the keynote.
Attendees prepare for the first technical tour, of Akasaka 1-Chrome.
The second tour of the day was of the Roppongi 3-Chome Project.
In addition, on July 7th, the day before the forum, CTBUH members took a technical tour to two tall building construction sites in Tokyo. “Akasaka 1-Chome Project” is a 200-meter building employing several seismic passive control devices. Especially among them, tuned viscous mass dampers (TVMD) installed across three consecutive stories got a lot of attention. The other site, “Roppongi 3-Chome Project,” is a roughly 230-meter office building with 40 above-ground floors. The most remarkable feature of the building is the isolation system at the intermediated 25th story. The tour attendees also observed the installation state of isolators and damper devices on that isolated floor.
At the closing address, CTBUH Japan Chairman and Professor Emeritus Akira Wada, Tokyo Institute of Technology, expressed deep gratitude for the gathering of so many people and for having a constructive meeting. Furthermore, it was announced that the next forum will be held in Beijing in September 2017.