Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Seattle Chapter Hosts Fall Forum
November 8, 2016
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SEATTLE – The CTBUH Seattle Chapter organized and held their annual Fall Forum on November 8.  The topic of this year’s forum was “Digital Technology in the Built Environment,” an exhibition of the ways in which digital technology is forging new means of design, delivery, and execution within the building industry.  The event was held at the Center for Architecture and Design in downtown Seattle and sponsored by WATG Urban, NBBJ, and Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA).
Seattle firms exhibited new digital technologies at the event, such as design visualization tools and 3D printers.
The format of the event was an open house with different exhibits highlighting the work of various Seattle firms.  Each station provided hands-on experiences for attendees. Each of the exhibits featured in the event are described below:

From Studio 216, Founder and CEO Charlie Choo set up a demonstration entitled, “Virtual Reality Visualization, Collaboration, Marketing and Digital Communication.”  Two sets of Microsoft Hololens were used, allowing participants to explore a model of 2&U – a local Seattle project.
Charlie Choo, Founder and CEO, Studio 216, discusses Digital Communication, Marketing, and more.
Nate Holland, Design Computation Leader, NBBJ, speaks on collaboration through virtual reality.
From NBBJ, Digital Practice Leader Nate Holland presented, “Experiences in Virtual Reality Design and Collaboration.”  An HTC Vive was used to demonstrate how various disciplines can collaborate through virtual reality tools in order to visualize design options. Attendees were able to see the effect of different lighting on a building for various times of the year and could raise or lower ceiling heights in real-time.

From WATG Urban, Architectural and Experimental Designer Daniel Caven covered, “3D Printing Technology, Future Implementations, and Future Advancements.”  The team showcased their design of a 3D-printed house and discussed emerging technology in the field of 3D printing.

From MKA, Senior Associate and Head of Research and Development Robert Baxter discussed, “Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Design Collaboration.”  The demonstration included the use of a Microsoft Hololens and an Oculus Rift to visualize the structural assemblies of several projects.

A participant explores a virtual reality headset.
A video was also shown, providing examples of applications involving augmented reality using the Hololens.

From Mortenson Construction, Construction Executive Phillip Greany presented, “Virtual Reality through Design and Construction.”
The group used an HTC Vive to give users to tour several of the projects that they are currently working on. This allowed participants to visualize complex mechanical systems in a live environment.
Bill Maibusch Andersen Construction
Clayton Binkley Arup
Peter Dodds Arup
Cormac Deavy Aurp
Marshall Gerometta CTBUH
Qin Lin Gensler
Chris Nelson Gensler
Stuart Stovin HHA
Jeff Williams Johnson Braund
Derik Eckhardt Miller Hull
Kevin Aswegan MKA
Jeremy Hasselbauer MKA
Jon Magnusson MKA
Joey Piotrowski MKA
Alex Wiley MKA
Meagan Wilkes MKA
Krzysztof Zaleski MKA
Phillip Greany Mortenson
Christopher Schwalbe NAC
Nate Holland NBBJ
Brian Willoughby Sound Consulting
Kim-Au Le Starbucks
Isaac Holmes Vet Industrial
Daniel Caven WATG Urban
Dennis Rehil WATG Urban
Jim Waymire WATG Urban
Simon Manning ZGF