Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Singapore: How to Improve the Design
and Build Efficiency of Tall Buildings
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SINGAPORE – CTBUH Singapore held its inaugural event at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 19, 2016. The event – titled How to Improve the Design and Build Efficiency of Tall Buildings – was supported by the Building and Construction Authorities of Singapore (BCA).

After registration and some canapés, the event was introduced by CTBUH Fellow and Height Committee member Johannes de Jong, Executive Vice President of Elevating Studio Pte. Ltd., who acted as the Master of Ceremonies. Dr. Shahzad Nasim, Chairman of Meinhardt Group, then addressed the public with a quick word, emphasizing the benefits of CTBUH membership the valuable work that CTBUH does globally. He noted the good cooperation between the CTBUH and Meinhardt and encouraged the audience to join the Council.

Dr. Shahzad Nasim, Chairman of Meinhardt Group provides an introduction for the event and the Council. CTBUH Vice Chairman Timothy Johnson, Principal, NBBJ, further introduces the CTBUH and its research publications.

CTBUH Vice Chairman Timothy Johnson, Partner, NBBJ, spoke next. He explained in great detail the work done by CTBUH to disseminate information amongst its members and discussed the different publications published by the Council as well as the annual conference and The Skyscraper Center database. He further urged the audience to consider CTBUH membership.

Michiel de Moel, CEO of Elevating Studio Pte. Ltd., followed Johnson and delivered a presentation entitled, “How to Improve Construction Efficiency Through Better Planning with Elevators.” The “second commute of the day,” a waste of time faced by every construction worker when going to work, can be reduced through better use of elevators during construction. A similar improvement can be expected after work. The use of temporary machine room solutions can account for up to five percent construction cost reductions, while jump-lift solutions can provide construction cost reductions of up to eight percent.

Michiel de Moel, CEO of Elevating Studio. Matthew Gaal, Director of Development of Southeast Asia for Woods Bagot.
Matthew Gaal, Director of Development of Southeast Asia for Woods Bagot, presented a case study of the conceptual one-kilometer-high Nakheel Tower. He discussed the innovative design moves that allowed the building to reach heights not heard of previously. The team’s concepts of tapering the building from the inside out and providing slots through the tower to allow wind to pass through to reduce sail area were key to its possible height. The basis of the concept, rooted in Arabic pattern making, defined the plan but also the structural system, creating an elegantly simple solution. The project has been credited as the tallest building in the world to ever start construction.

Ramamoorthy Rajendran, Director of the Construction Productivity Centre, spoke on behalf of Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA). He presented on “The Performance Requirements of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC).” PPVC aims to improve quality and productivity in the built environment. An upstream consideration in PPVC design can significantly reduce construction time and achieves better end results. Rajendran shared the different types of PPVC used locally and overseas. He also discussed the suitability and challenges of adopting PPVC in the Singapore context.
Ramamoorthy Rajendran, Director of the Construction Productivity Centre, BCA. Dr. Juneid Qureshi, Group Design Director, Meinhardt, addresses the audience.
The last speaker of the day was Dr. Juneid Qureshi, Group Design Director, Meinhardt, who discussed  a very interesting topic: “Steel or Concrete or Both?” He showed the differences in behavior for different conditions between steel reinforced concrete and composite structures. In Singapore, concrete has historically been the predominant structural material used due to the perception that structural costs of steel are generally higher than those for concrete. Dr. Qureshi presented a comparative case study for a generic mid-rise office building in Singapore, which showed that structural steel material costs indeed come out to be 25 percent higher. When one, however, takes a look at the bigger picture, total project construction costs are only four percent higher for steel, and when one considers total development construction costs, the difference is only 0.5 percent more for steel. Due to earlier completion with steel, the actual total development costs of steel are lower than those of reinforced concrete. In a fitting summation, Dr. Qureshi ended his presentation with the same question as the title.
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