Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
TJAD Hosts CTBUH China for Year in Review Event
March 3, 2016
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SHANGHAI – The first event of 2016 for CTBUH China was a look back at a record-setting 2015, from the perspective of the country that, to no one’s surprise, contributed the greatest number of tall buildings 200 meters and higher. CTBUH China Office Director Daniel Safarik highlighted significant projects that had been notable completions cited in the Year in Review: The Year of 100 Supertalls report, cross-referencing these with recognized projects entered in the inaugural China Tall Building Awards program. The presentation concluded with a question-and-answer session, with some live queries of The Skyscraper Center used to substantiate the answers.
Attended by a wide mix of professionals and students, the event was kindly hosted and sponsored by Tongji Architectural Design Institute (TJAD), at its offices across the street from CTBUH’s offices at Tongji University. A warm introduction was given by Jiliang Chen, Assistant President and Deputy Chief Architect, TJAD, noting the presence of several TJAD projects in the review, including the superlative Shanghai Tower. The Year in Review report, already a popular item with the press, was presented in several more ways at the event, including on TJAD’s large high-resolution electronic display screens in the lobby, and as a printed handout.
Daniel Safarik, Director of China Office, CTBUH, highlights significant projects in the Year of 100 Supertalls report.
Approximately 100 people attended the event, giving CTBUH an excellent platform to promote upcoming CTBUH events in China, such as the China Tall Building Awards Symposium, Ceremony and Dinner and the 2016 International Conference, as well as reinforce the presence of the CTBUH China Office.
Introduction to the event by Jiliang Chen, Assistant President and Deputy Chief Architect, TJAD.
Attendees network and continue discussions over refreshments after the event.
Last Name First Name Company
Green Gregory Bureau Veritas
Su Xiaorui CAUP
Chen (陈) Yongjia(永佳) CITAB
Li (李) Lun(论) College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University
Wang (王) Lihe(里禾) ECADI
Krummeck Stefan FARRELLS
Zhao Yantong Halvorson and Partners
Allen Thomas HILTI
Suoranta Santeri KONE Industrial Ltd
Wang (王) Youcen (幼岑) Kuraray Interlayer Solutions
Hu (胡) Xingkai (兴凯) Kuraray Interlayer Solutions
Han Juewei Kuraray Interlayer Solutions
Tao Simin L+
Sun Fangtao LERA
Wu Yifeng LERA
Zhang Jinrun LERA
Tai Xueyan LERA
Liang Yi LERA
Kwan(关) Winnie(颖翩) LERA
Liu Eamon LERA
Qin Yong Mori Building China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Song(宋) Xiaolan(晓岚) Mori Building China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Zi Yanma NYUSH
Yao Johan NYUSH
Yu (虞) Jing (静) Ortiz Leon Architects
Xu Jia Dai Ortiz Leon Architects
Yu (虞) Xing(星) Ronald Lu &Partners 吕元祥建筑师事务所
Chan(陈) Chi Chung(子聪) Ronald Lu &Partners 吕元祥建筑师事务所
Du Xiangdong RWDI
Feng Di RWDI
Li(李) Dan(聃) RWDI (安邸建筑环境工程咨询(上海)有限公司
Chen (陈) Yu Rong (玉容) SERAPID Greater China (赛瑞普德大中华区)
Shi (施 ) Kevin (磊) Shanghai Orisis Landscape Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Tomich Eric SOM
Silas Chiow SOM
Mao (毛) Hua (华) TJAD
Huang Qingjing TJAD
Zheng Aizuan TJAD
Jing Chen TJAD
Sun Lucas TJAD
Kuang Xingyu TJAD
Chen Weipeng TJAD
Yu Jingling TJAD
Zhu Bilei TJAD
Xu Chen TJAD
Liu Junming TJAD
liu Yeyao TJAD
liu Luyang TJAD
Zheng Chaoyi TJAD
Zha Zhen TJAD
Liang Xiuzhu TJAD
Zhao Yumeng TJAD
Wang Shiyu TJAD
Duan Ruiyan TJAD
Xu Wentao TJAD
Liang Xiao TJAD
Lv Xinlei TJAD
Wang Bohan TJAD
Dong Tianxiang TJAD
He Meng TJAD
Yin Wuxian TJAD
Yang Yang TJAD
Wu Chenjiao TJAD
Chen Chenjie TJAD
Dong Ting TJAD
Jiang Ling TJAD
Xiao Yong TJAD
Cheng Yi TJAD
Wang Jianfeng TJAD
Wang Qiying TJAD
Han Qian TJAD
Lin Yipeng TJAD
Wang Zhengdong TJAD
Chen Jiliang TJAD
Zhou Jieting TJAD
Zhong Qiang TJAD
Pan Liyang TJAD
Yang Yi TJAD
Wen Zhiqi TJAD
Ji Wangting TJAD
Hu (胡) Yi(毅) TJUP
Longo Mariagiulia Tongji University
Rosso Pietro Tongji University
Albanese Michael Tongji University
Weaver Evan Tongji University
Pan(潘) Yihan(逸瀚) Tongji University
Wang (汪) Yuchen(宇宸) Tongji University
Chen Xiangdong UA&E
Turner Juliet University of London
Bolderen Eva van