Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
432 Park Avenue: Design and Engineering

October 15, 2015

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NEW YORK – On October 15, CTBUH New York City, in association with the New York Young Professionals Committee (YPC), hosted more than 115 professionals for a presentation of the architectural and engineering design of 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. The event took place inside the 432 Park Sales Center at the General Motors Building, a space generously donated by Macklowe Properties, which included several scale models and life-size samples of key building components, including a 10-foot-by-10-foot (three-meter-by-three-meter) window.

Rendering of 432 Park Avenue. (Image credit: dbox for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties)

Prior to the presentation, Dennis Poon, CTBUH Trustee and Vice Chairman of Thornton Tomasetti, made opening remarks and introduced the evening’s speakers. Mr. Poon discussed the professional benefits of CTBUH membership and promoted the Annual Conference to be held in New York in late October. A welcome statement was then given by David Dods, Senior Project Executive for 432 Park Avenue and Senior Vice President of McGraw Hudson Construction Corp.

Dennis Poon, CTBUH Trustee and Vice Chairman of Thornton Tomasetti, introducing the Council’s mission to attendees. David Dods, Senior Project Executive for 432 Park Avenue and Senior Vice President of McGraw Hudson Construction Corp.

Next, Jae In Choi, Project Manager of 432 Park Avenue from Rafael Viñoly Architects discussed the project’s design history and the unique zoning requirements of the site. Mr. Choi presented a selection of initial schemes, which investigated the basket-structure and stacked-mansion-in-the-sky concepts. He also discussed the development of the various double-height open cores, which emphasized the stacked design; allowed for mechanical equipment and fire protection tanks to be consolidated at key points throughout the building; and provided windbreaks and designated areas for the outrigger system required to achieve the building’s structural stability.

Subsequently, Silvian Marcus, Director of WSP Building Structures discussed the various considerations when designing super-slender towers. Mr. Marcus presented the design of the central core and perimeter frame, which resulted in a floor plate free of interior columns to maximize the sellable area and ultimately provided maximum flexibility for the subdivision of each floor. He then presented the strategies used to mitigate the effects of wind loads including the use of a double tuned mass damper to reduce undesirable accelerations in the building and increase occupant comfort.

Lastly, Gary Pomerantz, Executive Vice President of WSP Building Systems, presented the design of the mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems. Mr. Pomerantz presented several design options for each system and discussed the logic behind the selection of the final design. He discussed the challenges of providing such systems in a luxury high-rise tower and explained the importance of designing phased building systems to support the construction process. Mr. Pomerantz concluded by discussing the various life safety requirements including smoke control, emergency power, wet fire protection, and emergency communication systems unique to supertall towers.

Jae In Choi, Project Manager, Rafael Viñoly Architects.

Silvian Marcus, Director, WSP Building Structures.

Gary Pomerantz, Executive Vice President, WSP Building Systems.

Following the presentations, there was a Q&A session moderated by Elizabeth Geldres of Rafael Viñoly Architects and Christopher Shirley of WSP Building Structures, which discussed the design of the façade maintenance system and the utilization of structural GPS monitoring throughout the construction process. At the conclusion of the event a reception was held at Whiskey Trader.

Gabriella Aguirre Nathan Langdon
Omid Ahmadi Nathaniel Lindsey
Nagi Alamri Leo Liu
John Arfman Yu Liu
Debra Asztalos Mina Mahdavi
Iman Behmanesh David Malott
Ethan Bourdeau Saruar Manarbek
Stefano Braganti Silvian Marcus
Elena Bresciani Hezi Mena
Alex Brihac Ruben Nieto
David Brown Robert Otani
Jim Bushong Tom Ouellette
Alan C. Adam Paiva
Jeff Callow Benjamin Palagonia
Ilkay Can-Standard Pankti Parikh
Cara Cecilio Alan Paukman
Brent Chancellor Sam Perel
En-Ming Jimmy Chang Christopher Pettis
Erica Cho Gary Pomerantz
Jae In Choi Dennis Poon
Lauren Connell Dan Popadynec
Craig G Copeland Valeria Postorino
Jill Cremer Luis Puna
Tom Crocker Katherine Ramirez
Ben Cross Alan Ravandi
David Dods Paul Reener
Stan Dorin Juan Restrepo
Hardik Doshi David Riedel
Richard Dubrow Michelle Roelofs
Ilir Dulaj Moria Schure
Kenny Fang Robert Sears
David Farnsworth Manisha Shah
Carlos Fornos Xiaofei Shen
Dave Freedman Camille Sherrod
Maurice Gagnon Simon Shim
Elizabeth Geldres Christopher Shirley
Larry Giannechini Amir Shouri
Florian Gjoka Stephen Skolas
Ermir Gjoka Christopher Sondi
Prek Gjoka Julian Souva
Will Gridley Elizabeth Suarez
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