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CTBUH Israel Plays Key Role at Building Center Summit
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November 17-20, 2014
EILAT CITY, Israel – One of the seven main tracks of the Building Center of Israel conference, the “High-Rise Buildings Summit,” was organized by CTBUH Israel, comprising four days of presentations and debates about high-rise buildings.

The Building Center of Israel held its annual summit from November 17-20 in Eilat City, the resort city in southern Israel on the north edge of the Red Sea. Some 2,000 delegates participated in the event at the Princess Hotel.
The Princess Hotel, Eilat City
Delegates gather for the presentations and debates regarding high-rise buildings
The chairs of the High-Rise Buildings Summit were CTBUH Israel Representative, Engineer Israel David of David Engineers and CTBUH Israel Representative, Architect Rachel Feller, Partner, MYS Architects and Architect Yossi Sivan, Partner, MYS Architects.
Ibon Areso Mendiguren, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Economy
Attendees heard from a number of distinguished international guests, including:
  • Larry Silverstein, Developer of the World Trade Center in New York City
  • Ron Arad, Ron Arad Associates
  • Ibon Areso Mendiguren, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain
  • Helena Cortina, Schindler Elevators

Government ministry presentations were given by:

  • Naftali Bennett, Minister of Economy
  • Uri Ariel, Minister of Construction

The local Israeli presentations will be done by:

  • Israel David, CTBUH Israel Country Representative, David Engineers
  • Rachel Feller, Partner of MYS Architects and Arc.
  • Ygal Tzemah, Manager, Rothschild Tower in Tel Aviv
  • Ofer Feldman, Manager of Canada Israel, Midtown Project in Tel Aviv
  • Professor Architect Moshe Tzur, Founder of Moshe Tzur Architects
  • Architect Gil Shenhav, Tel Aviv CTBUH City Representative
  • Yossi Shalev, Chief Engineer of Azorim