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CTBUH Sydney: Design Excellence at Greenland Centre
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July 23, 2014
SYDNEY – The Australian CTBUH in NSW hosted its second successful event exploring Design Excellence at Hassell Studios in Sydney, with five leading architects presenting their schemes for the Greenland Centre at 115 Bathurst St – which is planned to be the tallest residential building in Sydney once complete.

The Design Excellence approach to tall buildings in Sydney delivers a wealth of conceptual thinking about the form of the city’s skyline and urban environment. However the nature of design competitions is that much of the creative competition-thinking gets lost.
Introduction lead by Ken Maher Craig Baudin presenting FKA's Greenland scheme
Punchy, insightful presentations from leading architects Ray Brown (Managing Director, Architectus), Craig Baudin (Director of Architecture, FKA),  Phillip Rossington (Principal, BVN Donovan Hill), Ken McBryde (Principal, Hassell) and Manuelle Schelp (Schelp Studios representing GMP) kept the 200-strong audience entertained and informed.

The Australian CTBUH in NSW would like to thank its sponsors: Hassell (for the venue), Media 1 (for videography), Polin Wines (for catering) and  Nupress Group, KONE and WSP for financial support. The event was an enjoyable mix of networking, creative design and discussion on tall buildlings in Sydney.
Q & A with (left to right) Ray Brown, Architectus; Craig Baudin, FKA; CTBUH City Representative Ken McBryde, HASSELL; Manuelle Schelp, MBA; and Phillip Rossington, BVN Donovan Hill.
Thanks also go to Greenland for giving its support and approval to the public discussion of its flagship Australian project.

Vidoes of the talks are available online here:
Ken Maher, Hassell
Part 01
Ray Brown, Architectus
Part 02
Craig Baudin, FKA

Part 03
Phillip Rossington, BVN
Part 04
Ken McBryde, Hassell

Part 05
Manuelle Schelp,

Studio Schelp

Part 06
Q & A

First Name Surname
  Pierre Abrahamse
  David Alessi
  Sonya Alexander
  Adam Angus
  David Appleby
  Joe Ballester
  Simon Bell
  David Berry
  Mark Berry
  Robert Bird
  Emma Boyling
  Gemma Bradley
  Tim Campbell
  Greg Carmichael
  Richard Cass
  Terrence Chau
  Tony Chenchow
  Justin Clark
  Stephen Cox
  Laura Crawford
  George Cunha
  Stephen Davies
  Alan Davis
  Trevor De Waal
  Angeliki Dimitriou
  Graeme Dix
  Steve Donaghey
  James Doolan
  Anthony Duarte
  David Emery
  Sam Fisher
  Martin Fisher
  John Freeman
  Scott Fryer
  Angus Gordon
  Daniel Graham
  Richard Green
  Ron Green
  Adam Haddow
  Nick Hatzi
  Brian Healy
  Andreas Heintze
  John Hewitt
  Mike Horne
  Mke Horne
  Rex Howard
  Andrew Hoyne
  Kate Irwin Faulks
  Jocelyn Jackson
  Alex James
  Chris Johnson
  Damien Kenny
  Jonathan Knapp
  Jason Langer
  Kiong Lee
  Kym Lennox
  Ian Leung
  Leone Lorrimer
  Kylar Loussikian
  Mac Lydiard
  Peter Macdonald
  David Madden
  Terry Mahady
  Paul Mead
  Ken Morkaya
  Simon Morley
  Josh Mulford
  Ross Murchie
  Lester Partridge
  Ian Paver
  Stephen Pearse
  Andrew Pettifer
  Tim Phillips
  John Pradel
  Craig Rockliff
  Rob Scott
  Mark Sheargold
  Richard Smith
  Paul Stoller
  Ian Stone
  Tasman Storey
  Andrew Stringer
  Dan Szwaj
  Gary Tayfield
  Lee Valentine
  Paul van Ratingen
  Fiona Venn
  Travis Wakefield
  Misty Waters
  David West
  Ronald Wood
  Patricia Wood
  Stuart Wye
  Hyo Jin Yoo