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July 18, 2014
SHANGHAI – CTBUH’s China, Japan and Korea chapters, along with Tongji University (home to the CTBUH Asia Office) organized the 2014 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum on July 18th. The event brought together over 200 researchers, engineers, and academics to discuss the latest developments in the tall building industry.
Antony Wood giving welcoming speech
Discussion led by Professor Yukio Tamura
The forum was held at Tongji University and featured captivating presentations by 10 influential high-rise development experts hailing from China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. The theme of this year’s forum was “The Structural Challenges of Super High-Rise Buildings” and featured discussions centered on structural design, structural efficiency, construction technology and materials, and the latest evolution of composite structures.

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood was present at the event and gave the welcoming speech during the opening ceremony.

The China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum is a collaborative effort between the International Exchange Committee for Tall Buildings, The Architectural Society of China, CTBUH China, CTBUH Japan, CTBUH Korea, Tongji University, and The International Journal of High-Rise Buildings.

At the conclusion of the forum, the International Exchange Committee, along with delegates from South Korea and Japan, made the decision to hold the 2015 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum in South Korea.
Speakers and representatives take the stage at the event (left to right): Chun-tian Li, Peng Liu, CTBUH South Korea Representative Kwang Ryang Chung, Masayoshi Nakai , Richard Liew, CTBUH China Representative Professor Guo Qiang Li, Satoshi Yamada, Jinkoo Kim, Jong Soo Kim ,Yasuyoshi Hitomi, Ken Okada, and Yukio Tamura.