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CTBUH Australia Packs House for “Superslim” Lecture
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March 5th, 2015
MELBOURNE – The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s Australia Chapter hosted its first lecture of 2015 in the newly completed University of Melbourne / Melbourne School of Design building. The lecture, titled “Superslim: Collins House and The Phoenix” attracted a full house, representing more than 120 industry supporters, including architects, engineers, builders, developers and academics.
Kristen Whittle, Director, Bates Smart, on the architectural challenges from the Collins House
Following a short intro from Marc Colella, Melbourne CTBUH City Representative, Kristen Whittle, Director, Bates Smart, talked through the architectural challenges of designing a superslim tower, using Collins House as an example. This unique project required careful resolution of apartment planning to deal with deep floor plates and limited light penetration, heritage building interface and parking cars on a tight site. Most important was the seamless integration of the structure, both internally and in the external expression of the building.
Steve Richardson, Richstone Group, speaking on site challenges
Rob DiBlasi, Director, 4D Workshop, talked through the principal structural issues of designing Collins House, highlighting how some of these can be overcome by maximizing building stiffness, limiting tension, aligning shear and mass centers, limiting story drift, and using damper systems. Steve Richardson, Richstone Group, who was involved in the early design stages of Collins House and the construction of The Phoenix, delivered an interesting talk about on-site challenges, including sequencing, access management, risk management and the use of innovative systems.

Special thanks are due to Kristen Whittle, Rob DiBlasi and Steve Richardson for delivering such a fascinating talk, and to Melbourne University for hosting CTBUH.

The next CTBUH Australia event is planned for June, focusing on services and vertical transportation.
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