Designs Unveiled for Tel Aviv Tower Wrapped in Modular Arcades

Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2018
Tel Aviv, Israel

Penda has designed a residential tower in Tel Aviv, with fa├žades made of modular archways and terraces, which aims to complement the city's legacy of Bauhaus architecture.

Plans have been revealed for the 116-meter-tall Tel Aviv Arcades, which has alternating setbacks to provide residents with sunny garden terraces or secluded private balconies.

Hand-laid brickwork will reference the masonry found in Jaffa, Tel Aviv's old town, while the repetition of straight lines and curves echoes the 1930s buildings that earned the city its UNESCO World Heritage status.

Penda looked to this architectural legacy whilst designing the Tel Aviv Arcades in order to create a tower that will gel with the city's aesthetic legacy and can cope with the demands of its climate.

The modular design means that construction costs and disruption can be minimized by prefabricating elements off site, and the structure will be easier to maintain in the long term.

Two different floorplans stacked in a repeating pattern create a tessellation of "cascading" archways that jut out to create entryways to the terraces of each apartment. The terraces wrap around each unit, providing alternating shady and sunny spots for residents to enjoy.

The 33-floor Tel Aviv Arcade will have apartments ranging in size from one to four bedrooms, and the penthouses will have double-height ceilings.

At the foot of the tower, a "cave-like" space will house a residents' pool and spa area, with community spaces including a yoga studio and restaurant located on the second floor.

The project is projected to begin construction in 2019.

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