Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2009 Lynn S. Beedle Award Winner


John C. Portman, Jr.
John Portman & Associates,Inc.                                                                        



John C. Portman, Jr. has been, and continues to be, involved in many significant tall building projects around the world, including Peachtree Center in Atlanta, Beijing Yintai Centre, and 151 Incheon, a 151 story tower currently in design for Incheon, South Korea. Mr. Portman has also worked as developer on many of these global projects, expanding the role of the architect in creating uplifting urban spaces.

Portman is best known for his urban mixed-use complexes wherein his understanding of people and their response to space translates into enhanced environments and award-winning architecture.  From Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, Times Square in New York to Marina Square in Singapore and Shanghai Centre in China, he has taken people away from the congestion of urban life to create spaces that are open and uplifting to the human spirit.   Since his first project in 1953 where he personally made his first sculpture commission, he has been committed to incorporating art in all his projects, thereby making art an integral part of their success.  The people of Atlanta continue to enjoy his contributions to the arts, from the magnificent bronze lions by Olivier Strebelle he commissioned for Peachtree Center Avenue to Paul Manship’s towering Ballet Olympia on Peachtree Street.

Embarcadero Center The Westin Peachtree Plaza 151 Incheon
Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA, 1971-1989
The Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia, 1976

151 Incheon
Incheon, South Korea, currently in design

For more information on John C. Portman, Jr. and his work please visit his company website.