Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2005 Fazlur Khan Medal Winner
Prof. Werner Sobek

Prof. Werner Sobek
Werner Sobek Ingenieure

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Dr. Sobek is being presented with the Fazlur Rahman Khan Medal for his ground-breaking structural designs, his challenge of the typical design norms; and for his highly collaborative relationship with renowned design architects, such as Helmut Jahn.

Prof. Sobek is founder of the engineering consultancy Werner Sobek Ingenieure in Stuttgart, Germany; Werner Sobek Ingenieure Frankfurt; Werner Sobek New York; and the design consultancy 3e-Werner Sobek exhibition & entertainment engineering. He is also director of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and of the Central Laboratory for Structural Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. 

Prof. Sobek is a member of the board of the Chamber of Engineers of Baden-Wurttemberg, is an honorary member of the BDA, and a member of the German Academy for Urban Development and Environmental Planning.

In 2004, he exhibited “Show me the future — engineering and design by Werner Sobek” in the Pinakothek der Moderne Museum in Munich, Germany.

Prof. Sobek’s projects include the Ecole ANationale d’Art Decoratif in Limoges, France; Interbank in Lima, Peru; the flexible roof over the center court of the Rothenbaum stadium in Hamburg, Germany; the Bangkok International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand; the Sony-Center in Berlin, Germany; and the residential building “R 128” in Stuttgart, Germany.

Important awards include the DuPont Benedictus Award, the Design Award of the Industrial Fabrics Association International, the European Gluelam Award, the Fritz Schumacher Award of the Alfred Topfer Foundation, the “Building of the Year” Award of the Association of Architects and Engineers of Hamburg, the SEAOI Award of Structural Excellence, the SEAOI RIBA Award, the Hugo Haering Award, and the Auguste Perret Prize of the UIA.

Interbank Deutsche Post Munich Highlight Business Towers
Lima, Peru, 2000
Deutsche Post
Bonn, Germany, 2002
Munich Highlight Business Towers
Munich, Germany, 2005

For more information on Prof. Werner Sobek and his work please visit his company website.