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About the CTBUH

Welcome to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat!

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings and future cities. Founded in 1969 and headquartered at Chicago’s historic Monroe Building, the CTBUH is a not-for-profit organization with an Asia Headquarters office at Tongji University, Shanghai, a Research Office at Iuav University, Venice, Italy; and an Academic Office at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. CTBUH facilitates the exchange of the latest knowledge available on tall buildings around the world through publications, research, events, working groups, web resources, and its extensive network of international representatives. The Council’s research department is spearheading the investigation of the next generation of tall buildings by aiding original research on sustainability and key development issues. The Council's free database on tall buildings, The Skyscraper Center, is updated daily with detailed information, images, data, and news. The CTBUH also developed the international standards for measuring tall building height and is recognized as the arbiter for bestowing such designations as “The World’s Tallest Building.”

Full Mission Statement

Organization & People

The Council is a member-based association with a clear organizational hierarchy including a Board of Trustees, Advisory Group, staff, global chapters/country representatives, and a broad international membership. Detailed information on the Council's structure and people is available here.


The work of the Council is only possible through the support of  its members, which include the world’s leading building owners, developers, architects, engineers, financiers, contractors, urban planners and others. Find out more about CTBUH membership here.

Regional Representation

Each country page brings together relevant local tall-building news and statistics, videos, research papers, featured tall buildings and country data in a consistent and highly navigable format. In addition, the regional web pages highlight CTBUH organizational members in that region, and the local initiatives and activities of CTBUH chapters, committees and representatives around the world.


The Committees work to gather research on tall buildings and urban habitat, as well as well as advising on important decisions of the Council. Committees contribute to the Council in a myriad of ways, including Chinese translation, peer reviewing research outputs, contributing data and images to our Skyscraper Center database, and ruling on height criteria.

Working Groups

A number of Working Groups report on specific study focused aspects of the planning, design, construction and management of tall buildings and urban habitat across design, technical and social fields. The primary purpose of a working group is to produce a relevant technical guide or other tangible output. These groups allow an international collaboration between building professionals.


In 1969 the Council was founded by Lynn S. Beedle at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and was origianally known as the "Joint Committee on Tall Buildings." In 1976, it officially became known as the CTBUH. Learn more about the Council's history and milestones.

Contact Us

The Council Headquarters and the Tall Building Resource Center is located in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Directions to the Council's Headquarters and primary contact information is available here.