Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
 Seismic Design Workshop, Shanghai

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September 18, 2012
Ron Klemencic, Working Group Chair
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SHANGHAI - Each of the attendees made a 20-minute long presentation providing an overview of the State of Practice for Performance Based Seismic Design (PBSD) in their respective country/region.
It was noted that while there are many similarities in the fundamental approach to PBSD around the world, there are many local distinctions based on typical building types, sizes, construction practices and code development.

In addition, it was noted that the degree of development and application of PBSD varied by country/region based on the relative demand for tall buildings in the local building stock.

Japan is clearly the leading country as it relates to the level of sophistication and breadth of implementation of PBSD.

The U.S. and China are still developing and refining PBSD techniques.

Other countries are carefully monitoring the development of PBSD and are adapting this technique where/when appropriate in their local practice.

A summary paper and ppt were produced highlighting these points.

Recommendations for the Seismic Design of High-Rise Buildings, Previous Working Group guide published in 2008

Next Steps

The Seismic Working Group will endeavor to:

1.   Update and expand the CTBUH Performance Based Seismic Design Guidelines.  The goal is to better unify world practice and to identify areas where additional research/study is required.
2.  Collect Case Studies for distribution to the Working Group, and for general publication in upcoming CTBUH documents as appropriate.
3.   Hold workshops once each year to facilitate communication among Working Group members seeking to improve and unify the practice of PBSD globally.

Delegates discuss the latest working group initiatives
Delegates Attending the Workshop

Attendees: Prof. Guo-Qiang Li (Co-Chair)
Tongji University

Ron Klemencic (Co-Chair)
Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Dr. Kourosh Kayvani Aurecon

Taejin Kim Chang Minwoo Structural Consultants

Rene’ Lagos
Rene’ Lagos Engineers

Davy Sukamta Davy Sukamta & Partners

Jose’ A. Sy Sy2 + Associates

Prof. Akira Wada