Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Legal Aspects of Tall Buildings
This working group combines the inextricably linked areas of planning and construction. Engineering solutions for tall buildings impact on design and appearance of the built form and vice versa. 

As tall buildings can offer a possible solution to the need to increase the diversity of development they are at least capable of reducing urban sprawl.  Whether or not this goal is achieved, most planning systems now recognize that tall building projects require special consideration and policy makers have responded accordingly.

There has been much debate as to how to deliver "fast track" and complex projects in a way that can control cost but not compromise quality. Recent changes in the lending environment mean that contractual structure and risk allocation are each receiving much greater focus than ever before.

This working group will report on legal issues and trends on planning and procurement.

Cecily Davis

Cecily Davis
DLA Piper


Working Group Milestones
Pre-publication of the legislative, political and organizational frameworks in which tall buildings are being developed and built in India.


Outside Documents of Interest
The ABC's of Seismic Building Codes in the United States
Summary of Mayor Californian Laws related to Seismic Safety
The economic impact of high density development and tall buildings in central business districts
London's Mayor to take a "pragmatic" approach to Tall Buildings
Tall Stories
Dispute Resolution on Tall Building Projects

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