Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Height Committee

The CTBUH Height Committee was created to establish and, when necessary, refine the official tall building Height Criteria. As such, the Height Committee meets on an annual basis to discuss the latest developments in the tall building industry and possible additions or revisions to the Height Criteria text.

The Committee is composed of influential professionals involved in the architecture, engineering, planning, development and construction of tall buildings and urban habitat.

Committee Chair
Peter Weismantle
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Committee Output
Height Criteria

Committee Output
Tallest Buildings Lists
Working Group Milestones
2007, May: Initial Height Committee Meeting
2009, November: Height Committee Meeting & Criteria Change
2009, December: History of Measuring Tall
2011, October: CTBUH Leaders Meeting Seoul: Update on Height Criteria
2011, December: Tallest 20 in 2020
2012, February: Skyscraper Center Launched
2012, May: One World Trade Center Coverage
2013, November: One World Trade Center Height Ruling

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2012, November: Urban Legend on Measuring the Height of a Skyscraper
Contact Information
For more information on the Height Committee, please contact  the working group Chair (contact information is available by clicking on the Chair image above) and/or