Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Foundations Working Group
The construction of tall buildings in excess of 200m in height has become increasingly common and mega foundation systems are generally now required to safely support the large lateral and vertical building loads and to control total and differential movements in the foundation.

The relationship between foundations and building behavior is highly interactive, with movements in the foundation resulting from building loads, and these movements in turn influencing the behavior of the building. Foundation behavior is mainly governed by the prevailing ground conditions, the foundation type, and the magnitude and distribution of building loads. The foundation design of tall buildings should therefore be considered as a performance based soil-structure interaction issue and not limited to traditional empirically based design methods.

Frances Badelow
Coffey Geotechnics Pty Ltd
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Sungho Kim
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James Wang-cho SZE


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2011, September: Foundations Working Group Launched Announcement
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