Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Façade Access Working Group
The goal of the Façade Access Working Group is to further the successful integration of façade access systems with tall buildings and modern architecture through authoring technical guides, documenting the history of façade access systems, creating typical cutsheets, producing case studies, issuing recommendations for codes and standards where none exist, providing statistics on industry accidents, and broadcasting industry news and trends.

The group was formed with the goal of producing of a technical guide written for use by the architect, developer, building owner, or building envelope specialist for the design tall buildings around standard façade access systems. At the time no such publication exists. What exist are codes and standards which are intended to be proposed recommendations for the equipment manufacturer and system designer. They are intended to be used as a design guide and establish a minimum requirement for safety. They do not address integration with the building design or current façade trends and do not offer how to safely coordinate façade access systems and their operation with the building. Additionally, they tend to be specific to the geographic region for which they are written and such aren’t widely accepted as a reference.

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Lerch Bates

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Working Group Milestones
2012, April: Working Guide Early Planning Meeting
2013, February: Technical Guide Progress Meeting
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