Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
First CTBUH Tall Timber Buildings Working Group Meeting at CTBUH Research Office
November 25, 2014
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VENICE – The first meeting of the CTBUH Tall Timber Buildings Working Group was held in the CTBUH Research Office at University Iuav of Venice on November 25th. The meeting was proposed and organized by the CTBUH Research Division, which invited some of the leading academics and professionals involved in tall-timber building issues.

The Working Group was founded in order to investigate the possibility of realizing the first 40-story-tall timber building.
The meeting started with a discussion on an appropriate definition of "tall timber building," resulting in the following proposed language: "a building for which the vertical and horizontal loads are predominantly resisted by timber elements.” This fundamental decision established the separation between a “tall timber” building and a building that uses wood for some structural elements.

The second  objective of the meeting was to outline a founding document that will define the state of the art in tall timber and identify needed steps to ensure accurate research that could lead to the realization of the first 40-plus-story tall timber building.
Delegates discuss the purpose of the newly created Tall Timber Working Group
After a discussion on the existing factors that limit the realization of a 40-story building, it was decided that the next phase of this research would be to develop a "Roadmap to Tall Timber Buildings" in order to present this project during a discussion with some representatives of the European Community Committee, to explain all the positive economic and environmental goals that this research could accomplish.

Beyond these initial steps, the main objective of the CTBUH Tall Timber Working Group is the development of a proposal for a significant research grant in 2015.
Members of the Working Group kickoff meeting, from the left: Mattia Mercanzin (CTBUH Research Office, IUAV Venice, Italy), Thomas Reynolds (University of Cambridge, UK), Roberto Tomasi, (University of Trento, Italy), Wen-Shao Chang (University of Bath, UK), Dario Trabucco (CTBUH Research Office, IUAV Venice, Italy), Harald Professner (CREE, Austria), Maurice Hermens (Rhdhv, Nederland), Carsten Hein (Arup Germany, Germany),  Volker Schmid  (University of Berlin, Germany)
The meeting participants and the working group members at this kickoff meeting:
Wen-Shao Chang University of Bath Bath UK
Carsten Hein Arup Germany Berlin Germany
Maurice Hermens Royal Haskoning DHV Rotterdam Netherlands
Ben Johnson SOM Chicago USA
Leif Johnson Magnusson Klemencic Associates Seattle USA
Mattia Mercanzin CTBUH Research Office/ IUAV Venice Venice Italy
Harald Professner CREE Bregenz Austria
Thomas Reynolds University of Cambridge Cambridge UK
Volker Schmid University of Berlin Berlin Germany
Roberto Tomasi University of Trento Trento Italy
Dario Trabucco CTBUH Research Office/ IUAV Venice Venice Italy
Michele Vigato IUAV Venice Venice Italy