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 Global Representatives Workshop, Shanghai

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September 18, 2012
Kevin Brass, CTBUH Public Affairs Manager
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SHANGHAI - The pre-Congress Leaders and Global Representatives workshop produced vigorous discussions on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on the fledgling City Representative program and ways to grow the Council’s presence on a grass roots level. All three City Representatives from New York attended, as well as City and Country Representatives from around the world, including Canada, Australia, Iran, India and Israel. Chairman Timothy Johnson and Trustee Sabah Al Rayes also participated.

To start, the group heard brief presentations from CTBUH staffers on the various Council initiatives underway, including publications, conferences and membership drives. Matt Streid of MKA was also on hand to update the leaders on the activities of the year-old Young Professionals Committee, which has staged several events in the Chicago area.
Attendees of the Global Representatives Workshop
After the presentations, the group focused discussions on the best ways to grow and maximize the value of the City Representatives program. More than 50 people have already been designated as City Representatives in 25 cities, illustrating the level of interest. In several cities, committees have been formed.

Representatives discussed different events that have worked. In Australia, the chapter stages four to five breakfast seminars a year. “Keep it simple,” Brett Taylor suggested. The New York committee had recently staged a happy hour event on the rooftop of Buro Happold’s local office, drawing more than 100 people.

But there are challenges. In many countries there are legal barriers to form chapters. There was general agreement that the committees should operate informally through their own groups, devising programs that fit their resources and local interests. Representatives suggested that more emphasis could be placed on forming alliances with other associations and creating educational events, including topics such as local codes. An increased focus on building maintenance and creating a traveling tall building exhibition were also among the ideas raised by the group.
Delegates listen to a presentation by CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass

The group came up with several key action items:

-Frameworks: The CTBUH should develop guidelines and success case studies to provide guidance for Representatives to organize specific events.

-Speakers Bureau: Several people suggested we compile a list of available speakers for regional events. In many cases, Representatives said they would pay to fly in a speaker, if they knew someone is available.

-Country Representatives: There was general agreement that Country Representatives need to play a more proactive role working with the new City Representatives.

-Presentations, Collateral: The CTBUH could supply presentations and marketing material to help Representatives market and discuss industry trends.

The Council agreed to act on all these suggestions. The later part of the roundtable discussion was focused on membership and conferences, with Mr. Johnson answering questions and providing insight into the Board of Trustees’ strategies. The Council is expanding its research arm and creating more events and publications, he said, which should support programs around the world.

Delegates Attending the Workshop

Attendees: Kevin Brass (Chair) CTBUH

Ahmad Abdelrazaq Samsung C & T

Sabah Al Rayes Al Rayes Group International

Peyman Askarinejad TJEG

Joseph Burns Thornton Tomasetti

Marc Colella AECOM

Johannes de Jong KONE

David Farnsworth ARUP

Phil Gardiner Irwin Consult

Mark Garland LCL Builds

Erleen Hatfield Buro Happold

Anil Hira Buro Happold

Tim Johnson CTBUH Chairman/NBBJ

Henry Li Buro Happold

Peng Li Arup

Samuel Luckino Arquitectonica

Moira Moser M Moser Associates

John Nipaver John Portman & Associates

Felino Palafox Palafox Associates

Tiyok Prasetyoadi PDW Architects

Javier Quintana de Una IE School of Architecture and Design

Steven Riggio Riggio/Boron

Michael Robinson Beca Group

Mark Sarkasian SOM

Gil Shenhav Canaan Shenhav Architects

Elena Shuvalova Lobby Agency

Santeri Suoranta KONE

Matt Streid MKA

Brett Taylor Bornhorst & Ward

Peter Weismantle Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

Richard Witt Quadrangle Architects

Cathy Yang Taipei Financial Center