Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

CTBUH Seeks Associate Database Editor
April 2014

Are you a Skyscraper Data Enthusiast and want to work for the CTBUH?

Are you obsessed with tall-building info? Do you have a keen interest in all things tall and urban? If so, then the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the place for you!

The CTBUH is seeking an associate database editor to work alongside the existing team on The Skyscraper Center: the world’s pre-eminent database of tall-building information. The Skyscraper Center has more than 13,000 entries, containing images and vital statistics on tall buildings around the world. The pace of skyscraper design and construction internationally is such that this number is constantly growing. We need to strengthen our data support team to accurately cover this growth, and to help us build on the high level of quality and integrity of data we have established.

The position is a flexible, part-time contracting role and, while we would prefer someone who can work directly with the team physically here in Chicago, the position can conceivably be filled by someone anywhere around the world. The key ingredients sought are an existing deep knowledge of tall buildings, a rigor with respect to data handling, and a passion for the subject!

The Skyscraper Center serves not only as a data repository – it is also an increasingly important clearinghouse for information the Council generates, from news articles and academic research papers, to chapter and member activities. The data in the Skyscraper Center also serves the hundreds of media requests the Council receives each year. As a publically accessible resource, it is a critical component of the research the Council, our members, and industry leaders conduct.

We are looking for someone with good recordkeeping skills, a nose for news, and an ability to cultivate reliable sources and solicit accurate data, and most importantly, an undying affinity for all things tall.

If interested, please send resume, cover letter, and work samples to Patti Thurmond at

About the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Founded in 1969, the Council’s mission is to disseminate multi-disciplinary information on tall buildings and sustainable urban environments, to maximize the international interaction of professionals involved in creating the built environment, and to make the latest knowledge available to professionals in a useful form.

The Council is an international not-for-profit organization supported by architecture, engineering, planning, development and construction professionals. The CTBUH is the world’s leading body in the field of tall buildings and the recognized source of information on tall buildings internationally. It is the arbiter of the criteria upon which tall building height is measured, and thus the title of “The World’s Tallest Building” determined.