Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Zhendong Wang | 王桢栋

Expert Translation Committee (2014 – Present) | 翻译专家委员会(2014至今)
IJHRB Guest Editor (2015) | IJHRB杂志客座编辑(2015)

Shanghai, China
| 中国上海

Associate Professor | 副教授

Tongji University | 同济大学

Dr. Wang was enrolled by the Architecture Department, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University in 1997. As an exchange student, he studied at the Department of Architecture, Hong Kong University and finished his Undergraduate Diploma Design in 2002. During his Graduate and Post Graduate periods, Prof. DAI Fudong (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering) and Prof. WU Lusheng (Chinese Architectural Master) were his supervisors. He got his Ph.D. degree in 2008 and started teaching in his alma mater. Now, he is an Associate Professor of Architectural Design and Theory, Master Student Supervisor, China National First Grade Registered Architect. During 2011-2012, he was a Visiting Scholar at Architecture Department, MIT.

Dr. Wang focuses on the research of Urban Building Complex for more than ten years. Now he takes charge of one Project supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and one Provincial Research Project. He also takes part in two projects of NSFC and  finishes 3 projects. He authored “Research on Contemporary Urban Building Complex” which has already become an important academic monograph in China, and published more than 20 journal papers in either Chinese or English. Meanwhile, he integrates his research with teaching, and also guides many graduate students to attend his research.

During the past five years, Dr. Wang obtained many results in the field of education. He was chosen as a representative from Tongji University to support the architectural education in Xinjiang University. He also published a lot of teaching research papers and led students to win several National or International Design Competitions which including the “Cyan Dragon award” of 2011 Asian Contest of the Rookies’ Award, and the First Prize of Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition 2013. As for his outstanding contribution on education, he was awarded as the National Outstanding Young Architectural Teacher in 2013.
王桢栋博士1997年进入同济大学建筑与城市规划学院建筑系学习,曾在2002年作为交换学生在香港大学建筑系学习并完成本科毕业设计, 硕博期间师从戴复东院士、吴庐生大师,2008年获博士学位留校任教至今。现为设计及其理论方向副教授,硕导,国家一级注册建筑师。2011-2012年间他在美国麻省理工学院建筑系做访问学者一年。