Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Johannes de Jong

Moira Moser Advisory Group, Member (2008-present)
Committee, Competitions (2012)
Conference, Speaker (London, 2001; Kuala Lumpur, 2003; Dubai, 2008; Mumbai, 2010)

Hyvinkaa, Finland

KONE Corporation

Johannes de Jong joined KONE
after receiving his master’s degree in Engineering from the Polytechnical University of Delft in the Netherlands in 1977. He started in R&D as a designer, became a design team leader in 1978 and progressed to Project Manager in R&D in 1980. In 1986 he became the first Elevator System Manager in R&D and was nominated the Engineering Manager of the KONE High Rise Centre in 1988. In 1998 he joined the newly established Global KONE Major Project Organisation in his present function as Director – Products & Technology.

Due to his exceptionally wide technical expertise, he is internationally recognized as one of the senior vertical transportation advisors, and has received several awards and mentions for his work. He is a member of the steering committee of the CTBUH and a member on several technical workgroups of the European Elevator Code committee preparing new revisions and interpretations on EN81-1.

Eleven years experience in R&D followed by 19 years of co-ordination with R&D, and holds over 500 different patents. He has also been involved in of many of the world’s tallest buildings.

His published books and research papers in the field of Tall Buildings include:

DE JONG, J. (2008).
Advances in Elevator Technology: Sustainable and Energy Implications. Proceedings of the CTBUH 8th World Congress, 3rd-5th March 2008. Dubai, UAE. Published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Chicago. pp.212-217.

DE JONG, J. (2004). Understanding the natural behaviour of elevator safety gears and their triggering. Presented at Elevcon Istanbul 2004. Paper courtesy of KONE.

BARLUND, K., DE JONG, J. & KONTTURI, R. (2003). Planning and Implementing and Emergency Evaluation Elevator System. Proceedings of CTBUH Conference, 20th-23rd October 2003. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Chicago. pp.211-218.

DE JONG, J. & SIIKONEN, M. (2001). New Trends in Elevatoring Solutions for Medium to Medium-High Buildings to Improve Flexibility. Proceedings of CTBUH Conference, 9th-11th December 2001. London, UK. Published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Chicago. pp.17-28.

DE JONG, J. & HAKALA, H. (2000). The advantage of PMSM technology in high-rise buildings. Presented at Elevcon Berlin 2000. Paper courtesy of KONE.