Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Roy Denoon
Erwin Peter

Research Seed Funding, Peer Review Panel (2012-2014)
Working Group; Wind Engineering, Co-Chair (2010-present)

Fort Collins, USA

CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants

Roy Denoon has over 20 years’ experience in wind engineering, his interest beginning during his undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. Roy then moved to Australia where he began his high-rise research with field monitoring of the Sydney Harbour control tower from which he gained his research Masters degree from the University of Sydney. This was followed by the beginning of his career in wind engineering consultancy and wind tunnel testing, culminating in working on many of the stadiums and arenas for the Sydney 2000 Olympics as well as providing on-site wind monitoring and consultancy during the games. At the same time, Roy completed his PhD on Designing for Wind-induced Serviceability Accelerations in Buildings, which was awarded by the University of Queensland. Roy joined CPP in 2004 following several years working in Hong Kong where he was responsible for the wind engineering of such iconic tall buildings as Union Square in Hong Kong and the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, amongst many others. Since joining CPP Roy has been responsible for numerous tall building projects throughout the world and now leads the structural wind engineering group of the company. He has recently supervised the instrumentation of Burj Khalifa in Dubai to monitor its long-term dynamic response characteristics and is enjoying analysing the results. Roy maintains his research interests in the wind engineering of tall buildings and regularly publishes and presents at international conferences.

His published books and research papers in the field of Tall Buildings include:

Denoon R. O. and Kwok, K.C.S., Full-scale measurements of occupant reaction to wind-induced motion and implications for acceleration design guidelines, Wind and Structures, Vol. 14, No. 6, November 2011, pp. 537-558.

BANKS, D., COCHRAN, B., DENOON, R. & WOOD, G. (2008). Harvesting Wind Power from Tall Buildings. Proceedings of the CTBUH 8th World Congress, 3rd-5th March 2008. Dubai, UAE. Published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Chicago. pp.320-327.

BOGGS, D., DENOON, R. & WRIGHT, B. (2005). Wind Engineering for the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower. Presented at the Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering(APCWE- VI), 12th-14th September 2005. Seoul, Korea.