Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Trustees Meeting Reflects CTBUH’s Momentum
February 28, 2014
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CHICAGO – The CTBUH Board of Trustees met Feb. 28, setting the course for a number of strategic Council initiatives.

Top billing was given to Chairman Timothy Johnson’s presentation of the Council’s Strategic Five-Year Plan, which was reviewed and adopted by the Board. Johnson noted that many of the Deliverables included in the Strategic Five-Year Plan came from the CTBUH staff, either through group discussions in CTBUH Headquarters, or through the feedback they received during performance evaluations of the individual staff members. The plan now is to expand the deliverables and delivery dates, based on this solid foundation. When ratified, CTBUH will make an announcement.

Johnson also gave an update on the upcoming 2014 International Conference in Shanghai, China: “Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism.” He reported that over 300 abstracts were submitted for consideration to be included in one of the 80 available spots on the agenda for the conference. The Board unanimously agreed that all selected speakers at the conference must be members (at the individual or organizational level) of CTBUH, moving forward.
Trustees met February 28th at the Illinois Institute of Technology. From left to right: David Malott, Trustee (Kohn Pedersen Fox, New York, USA); Cathy Yang, Trustee (Taipei Financial Center Corp., Taipei, Taiwan, China); Steve Watts, Treasurer (Davis Langdon, London, UK); William F. Baker, Trustee (Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Chicago, USA); William Maibusch, Secretary (Turner International, Doha, Qatar); Dennis Poon, Trustee (Thornton Tomasetti, New York, USA); Timothy Johnson, Chairman (NBBJ, New York, USA); Dr. Antony Wood, Executive Director (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA): Craig Gibbons, Trustee (Arup, Brisbane, Australia).
Also on the subject of conferences, Executive Director Antony Wood proposed that New York City, USA, be considered as the venue for the 2015 Conference. The last CTBUH held in New York was the 2005 World Congress. A great deal of tall-building activity has taken place in the city in the intervening decade. Wood proposed that a fact-finding mission be launched to assess the level of support that could be provided by developers.

The Board also briefly discussed the next World Congress (the most recent being 2012’s Congress in Shanghai). The Board suggested the next World Congress could initially be targeted for 2017, and stepped up in scale, further expanding the concept of “country” and “city” theme rooms to lend a more global feel to the event, irrespective of conference location. The next Congress is likely to involve 200 or more speakers and 2,000 or more attendees.

Preparations are now underway to establish an Asia office of CTBUH on the Campus of Tongji University in Shanghai, Wood told the Board. A director of this office has not yet been appointed. In order to get the office established and operating, Wood will temporarily locate himself at Tongji University during the summer of 2014. Whilst in Shanghai, Wood will take a Visiting Professor appointment at Tongji, move the China office effort forward, and make final preparations for the upcoming Conference:
Shanghai 2014: “Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism." In addition to the Executive Director, there will be additional staff hired from China for this office, who will primarily work as translators.
The Trustees at work.
Trustees were advised on CTBUH staff changes, all of which are meant to support the Council’s growth in the coming years.

Johnson told the Board that a survey of the membership is currently under development, and will soon be ready to be issued. It will address many areas, including member benefits, support for large firms with multiple offices, and more. The survey will also be an opportunity to explain to the membership what CTBUH does, and the services it can provide.
The Board also learned that CTBUH is endeavoring to secure trademark protection for the use of its name, logo, and graphics in all of the countries in which it operates.

The chairmanship of Timothy Johnson will end in September 2014. A new Chair search will take place in the next few months. Meanwhile, the Chairman took a moment to recognize Board members William F. Baker and William G. Maibusch, whose terms will expire in October 2014. Johnson and Wood both thanked them for their continued service on the Board since their initial election in 2008.

Before the meeting concluded, Johnson proposed that the next Trustees / Leaders meeting be held on Monday, 15 September 2014, in Shanghai, the day before the Conference starts.

The Trustees giving a toast to recognize departing board members William F. Baker and William G. Maibusch.