Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
 Call for New Board of Trustees Candidates

November 2012

Take a Leadership Role in the Council’s Highest Decision-Making Body!

The CTBUH is seeking the next generation of industry leaders to fill openings on the Board of Trustees, the group that oversees and directs the Council’s strategy.

The tenure of three members of the nine-member CTBUH Board of Trustees is expiring, creating an opportunity for candidates interested in assuming an active role with the Council. The departing Trustees—Prof. Sang Dae Kim, Sabah Al Rayes and Peter Irwin—have established a benchmark for service and commitment to the Council, setting a high standard for their potential replacements. New board members will be called upon to lead the continued growth of the Council and to create their own legacy for the international tall building industry.

Current CTBUH Board of Trustees (L to R): Dennis Poon, Thornton Tomasetti; Sang Dae Kim, Korea University; Sabah Al Rayes, Al Rayes Group; Timothy Johnson, NBBJ; William Maibusch, Turner International; Steve Watts, Davis Langdon; Antony Wood, CTBUH; and Peter Irwin, RWDI (not pictured: William Baker, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill)

About the Board
The nine-member Board of Trustees is responsible for creating the long-term vision and strategy for the Council and its members. The Board oversees the governance of the Council, including the annual audit of operations and finances, and develops programs to ensure the continued growth of the Council and its long history of serving professionals and academics involved in the development of tall buildings internationally.

Board members serve three-year terms, which are renewable at the discretion of the Board. 

Board Member Qualifications
1.    Board members must have a high profile in the industry, with an established track record of
       contributing to the conception, design, research, construction or operation of tall buildings;
2.    Maintain the highest ethical standing in the industry;
3.    Represent a company or institution recognized as a leader in the tall building industry which is a
       CTBUH organizational member in good-standing, preferably at the Supporting Contributor level;
4.    Serve in a role that will help grow the Council and sponsor programs to serve members;
5.    Ensure a balanced representation on the Board of both disciplines and geographic regions,
       reflecting the international remit and diversity of the Council.

Board Member Responsibilities
1.    Work to develop programs and events to benefit the Council and its members.
2.    Lead and oversee specific projects for the Council, such as conferences, research projects or
3.    Serve as a spokesperson for the Council and promote its mission and goals
4.    Recruit at least five new high-level members a year, representing approximately $25,000 in
       membership income.
5.    Recruit sponsors for major Council projects, including conferences
6.    Attend twice-annual Board meetings
7.    Steer specific Board of Trustees ad-hoc committees established to progress strategic,
       time-sensitive Council issues.
8.    Write occasional Leader’s Messages and articles for the CTBUH Journal, newsletter and other
       Council publications
9.    Be involved generally in relevant Council initiatives, including conferences, awards, working groups
       and publications
10.  The time commitment for a CTBUH Board of Trustee member is approximated at 60-80 hours per
        year (not including event attendance etc).

Board Member Benefits
1.    Steer the direction of the Council at the highest level
2.    Reinforce yourself as a Leader in the tall building industry
3.    Network at the highest-levels
4.    Enjoy a high profile at all CTBUH events
5.    Create programs that educate and benefit the industry at large
6.    Be recognized as a Trustee in CTBUH materials
7.    Profile featured in the CTBUH “Meet the CTBUH” section
8.    Become a point of contact for new business

Application Process
Candidates should submit their name, a brief biography and a maximum one-page statement on what they would hope to achieve during their tenure as a CTBUH Trustee, to CTBUH Office Manager Amy Meek at The Board of Trustees will review the submissions and develop a short-list of candidates for further review.

Call for Nominations:
Deadline for Nominations:
Evaluation of Nominations and short-listing:
Short-list Candidates notified:
Communication back to Nominees:
Formal Announcement of New Trustees:
Start of three-year tenure: 
12 November 2012
12 December 2012
21 December 2012
11 January 2013
25 January 2013
1 February 2013
1 March 2013
Current CTBUH Board of Trustees

Timothy J. Johnson, NBBJ
Sang Dae Kim, Korea University
Antony Wood, CTBUH/IIT

Steve Watts, Davis Langdon
William Maibusch, Turner International
Sabah Al Rayes, Al Rayes Group International
William F. Baker, SOM
Peter Irwin, RWDI
Dennis Poon, Thornton Tomasetti

Exec. Director
Previous CTBUH Board Members
David Scott
Charles Killebrew
Ron Klemencic
See the CTBUH Board of Trustees