Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Trustees Meeting, New York

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of all Trustees meetings since the current Board formed in September 2008, the New York gathering wins the "marathon event" prize! Getting down to business at 9am, the Board finally adjourned at 8pm, with discussions continuing over dinner.

Held in NBBJ’s office not far from Wall Street, the Trustees were first treated to the spectacular view over the developing World Trade Center site, which some of them had been lucky enough to tour the day previously, along with similar visits to Beekman Tower and other projects.

CTBUH Chairman Professor Sang Dae Kim chaired the meeting, and reported back briefly on some of the items he had presented during the third meeting of the Research, Academic and Postgraduate working group held the day previously. These included the establishment of a new international research-scholarly journal on tall buildings, plans for a new post-professional Masters course in tall buildings in Korea, the launch of a new annual student design competition, and plans for the establishment of a new Research Database containing industry-support information on research projects, researchers and research funding opportunities internationally.

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood presented the 2010 Financial report and proposed 2011 Budget. CTBUH finances continue to be in a healthy condition as the organization grows along with its output.  Antony also presented an update on the current staffing situation, including an overview of the two new staff members who had joined the Council recently; the new "Research & Working Groups Manager" and an "Office/Membership Manager."

Seven of the nine-member Board of Trustees attend the April meeting in New York. Clockwise from left: David Scott, Arup; Bill Maibusch, Turner International; Peter Irwin, Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.; Tim Johnson, NBBJ; Antony Wood, CTBUH/IIT; Sang Dae Kim, Korea University; Charles Killebrew, NBBJ

After lunch, Trustee Tim Johnson presented his initial thoughts on the initiation of a longer-term strategic planning exercise for the Council’s future growth, which all the Trustees found stimulating and agreed needed undertaking. Other important items discussed during the day include the plan for new CTBUH City Representatives as well as Country Representatives and Chapters around the world, and the establishment of new working groups. Professor Kim presented an update on progress with the World Conference Seoul, and Antony Wood presented his suggestions for the 2012 Shanghai Congress, following his visit there in February.

The final agenda item of the day was the criteria and search process for the next CTBUH Chairman, given that Professor Kim’s tenure as Chairman is due to come to an end this October 2011. All the Trustees agreed that his would be a tough act to follow, but worked together to create a "Call for Chair" announcement that would hopefully ensure that Professor Kim’s great work will be continued.

CTBUH thanks go to NBBJ, and Tim Johnson and Charles Killebrew in particular, for hosting the meeting