Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH 2010 Annual Leaders Meeting

Friday, October 22, 2010

Following the CTBUH 9th Annual Awards Dinner & Ceremony, the CTBUH Leadership team met again bright and early on the morning of Friday 22nd October, on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago for their annual Leaders Meeting. Thirty leaders gathered from around the world for input into the goals and initiatives of the Council. First time attendees of the Leaders Meeting were introduced: Stefan Krummeck, CTBUH Country Representative from Hong Kong, and Dario Trabucco, Country Representative from Italy and co-chair of the Research, Academic & Postgraduate Working Group.

Executive Director Antony Wood presents the state of CTBUH report at the Annual Leaders Meeting.

Professor Sang Dae Kim opened the session with an overview of the primary accomplishments of the Council for 2010. (About CTBUH video) Among other highlights, he spoke of the completion of the Council headquarters transition to the Chicago office, steady growth of membership, increased public service through the website’s new Tall Building Database and Web Shop, and publication of the highly popular Tall Building Reference Guide. He and CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood then explained the long list of new initiatives being considered for 2011. Leaders had much good insight and discussion regarding many of the proposed initiatives.

Chairman Prof. Sang Dae Kim gives greetings to open the annual meeting.

New CTBUH Fellow Thomas McCool with Qatar Country Representative and Trustee member Bill Maibusch.

Agenda Items included a discussion of Council policy relating to CTBUH Chapters. It was determined to form a committee to develop and produce Council policy objectives, definition and a clear framework for global Chapters. A detailed plan will be prepared and reported to Trustees once the committee has been established.

Certifying tall building educational coursework and/or sponsoring a Continuing Professional Development intensive multi-disciplinary seminar on tall buildings was next discussed. The newly established committee will review any suggestions on the Educational Program (possible 1-2 week Summer School or 1-year Program for Engineers) and report to the Board of Trustees for further direction.

The idea of an annual special Research edition of the CTBUH Journal was discussed, with hopeful links to the Science Citation Index, allowing young professionals to earn scientific journal publishing credit with their articles. Many variables were discussed including that of a single discipline Journal or a multi-disciplinary Journal with 4-5 sections. This Research Journal would require the necessity of a peer review committee. A task force committee will also be established on this subject to review and report to the Board of Trustees.

Working Group chair and Advisory Group member Steve Watts gives report on the Finance & Economics Working Group

Working Groups
Working Groups each gave short reports for updates on their work. Reports were given by Peter Weismantle of the Building Height Committee; Steve Watts of the Finance & Economics Working Group; Daniel O’Connor of the Fire & Safety Working Group; Peter Irwin and Roy Denoon of the Wind Energy Working Group; and Robert Smilowitz of the Progressive Collapse Working Group. Antony Wood reported the progress of the new Natural Ventilation of Tall Buildings Guideline, as part of the Sustainability Working Group. 

The final item on the agenda was the role of the CTBUH Leader representative at external conferences, addressing the concern and strategies to always maintain the CTBUH brand of high repute at conference and meeting events. 

CTBUH Board of Trustees: (L-R) Sabah Al Rayes, Charles Killebrew, Peter Irwin, Bill Maibusch, Tim Johnson, Antony Wood, Sang Dae Kim, David Scott, and Bill Baker.

Chairman Prof. Sang Dae Kim presents Antony Wood with a gift from the Board of Trustees acknowledging  his doctoral achievement.

CTBUH Board of Trustees Meeting
Upon completion of the Leaders Meeting luncheon, the CTBUH Board of Trustees convened for their semi-annual meeting. The CTBUH Board surprised Antony Wood with a briefcase as a gift to commemorate his PhD completion, before getting into the detailed agenda items of the day. The CTBUH Board of Trustees will meet again to further progress initiatives in the New Year.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has over a 40-year history of disseminating best-practice knowledge to the tall building industry, but is in no danger of slowing down. The momentum of Council leadership and their drive to expand the reach of the tall building network further into academia and into global industry will certainly serve to enrich the future of the urban environment. To find out more information about further involvement in the CTBUH network of industry leaders, contact

CTBUH Leaders

The 2010 Leaders Meeting was attended by: Ahmed Abdelrazaq (Advisory Group), Mir Ali (Advisory Group), Sabah Al Rayes (Board of Trustees), Peyman Askarinejad (Country Representative for Iran), Bill Baker (Board of Trustees), Carl Baldassarra (Advisory Group), Barry Charnish (Canada), William Gene Corley (Advisory Group), Roy Denoon (Wind & Safety Working Group), Stephen DeSimone (Advisory Group), Mahjoub Elnimeiri (Advisory Group), Thomas Fridstein (Advisory Group), Marshall Gerometta (Database Editor), Peter Irwin (Board of Trustees), Paul James (Advisory Group), Timothy Johnson (Board of Trustees), Charles Killebrew (Board of Trustees), Jan Klerks (Communications Manager), Sang Dae Kim (Chairman), Stefan Krummeck (Hong Kong), Simon Lay (Advisory Group), Bill Maibusch (Advisory Group), Thomas McCool (Advisory Group), Daniel O'Connor (Fire & Safety Working Group), Jerry Reich (Advisory Group), Mark Sarkisian (Advisory Group), David Scott (Board of Trustees), Robert Smilowitz (Progressive Collapse Working Group), Dario Trabucco (Italy), Steven Watts (Advisory Group), Peter Weismantle (Height Committee), and Antony Wood (Executive Director).