Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH 2009 Annual Leaders Meeting

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preceding the CTBUH 2009 Chicago Conference, 55 leaders within the CTBUH organization, representing 23 countries and various working groups and committees, gathered to discuss current developments, progress on projects, and new ideas and initiatives. 

Plenary session of the leaders meeting

The meeting started with a general assembly of all members. Chairman David Scott welcomed all, after which executive director Antony Wood briefed the delegates about the current position of the council. A two-year plan was presented by chair-elect, Sang Dae Kim. There was a general consensus that through heritage and recent activities, the CTBUH has now established itself as a powerful force in the international building community, which is something worth protecting.

Antony Wood

Sang Dae Kim

Country Leaders
Brett Taylor, Jan Klerks and Sang Dae Kim informed the members about recent activities undertaken by the Australian, Dutch and Korean organizations on tall buildings respectively. It is an ambition of the council to get more involved in local activities through the creation and support of local chapters on tall buildings and urban habitat. Mayank Gandhi spoke about the ambition to organize an Indian chapter. CTBUH is also working towards an active relationship with its country leaders, whose role it is to represent the Council, to solicit new members and to provide contacts, input to tallest database, news articles, images and technical papers. Country Representatives are also encouraged to organize local intellectual and networking activities in their countries, such as local conferences and social-networking events.

Working Groups
Progress of the CTBUH Working Groups was presented by Ron Klemencic (Seismic), Dan O’ Connor (Fire & Safety) and Antony Wood (Sustainability). A working group is a group of professionals focusing on creating new knowledge and insights in one specific field of tall building design, construction or development. The current CTBUH Working Groups are in various stages of progress. The Seismic Working Group produced a report in 2008 and is now trying to follow up on new developments. The Sustainability Working Group has produced drafts of sub-chapters, which will be published in a book or a series of reports. The Fire & Safety Working Group has organized two meetings recently during which the main focus of the group was determined and future activities outlined.

Break up sessions

Country Leaders

Pete Weismantle presented the latest proposals of the Height Committee. This group met in September to discuss what should be considered at the base of a tower, for determining the official starting point from which the building height is measured. This issue arose because of a growing number of tall buildings with multiple entrances on different levels. The committee also proposes to discard the category which lists the height to the roof of tall buildings, due to difficulties establishing the official location of the roof on buildings with integrated spires.  

Also present during the meeting were representatives of the Conference Organizing Committee for the 2009 Chicago Conference, as well as members of the Awards Committee, who selected the winners of the 2009 Tall Buildings Awards for the four world regions and one overall winner.

New Initiatives
After the general assembly, the meeting split up into three groups to discuss specific issues, progress and ideas related to country leaders, working groups and the committees. One idea that was discussed was the proposal to install a Landmark Committee, which will deliberate on appropriate inclusions into a CTBUH ‘Hall of Fame’, consisting of skyscrapers internationally that have been officially recognized by the CTBUH as global tall landmarks of special social, cultural and/or technological note. During the meeting, issues of naming, definitions, selection and consequences were brought up. There was consensus that a significant contribution must be involved in the selection process. A vote amongst the discussion members showed strong support for this idea. CTBUH staff and Board of Trustees will continue to work on the proposal.  

Timothy Johnson

Bill Baker

CTBUH Leaders
The 2009 Leaders Meeting was attended by: Ahmed Abdelrazaq (Advisory Group), Mir Ali (Advisory Group), Sabah Al Rayes (Board of Trustees), Ibrahim Al Saudi (Country Representative for Saudi Arabia), Peyman Askarinejad (Country Representative for Iran), Bill Baker (Board of Trustees), Carl Baldassarra (Advisory Group), Georges Binder (Country Representative for Belgium), Joe Burns (Conference Organizing Committee), Jay Butler (Conference Organizing Committee), Charles Carter (Advisory Group), Barry Charnish (Canada), JuHwan Cho (South Korea), William Gene Corley (Advisory Group), David Crowell (Logistics Working Group), Israel David (Country Representative for Israel), Johannes de Jong (Advisory Group), Jonathan Dennis (Conference Organizing Committee), Stephen DeSimone (Advisory Group), Mahjoub Elnimeiri (Advisory Group), Alberto Fainstein (Country Representative for Argentina), Thomas Fridstein (Conference Organizing Committee), Mayank Gandhi (Advisory Group), Russell Gilchrist (Conference Organizing Committee), Gordon Gill (Awards Committee), Barbara Gordon (Conference Organizing Committee), Peter Irwin (Editorial Board), Alan Jalil (Country Representative for France), Paul James (Conference Organizing Committee), Timothy Johnson (Board of Trustees), Charles Killebrew (Board of Trustees), Ron Klemencic (Board of Trustees), Jan Klerks (Research & Communications Manager), Sang Dae Kim (Chairman), Ioannis Kourakis (Progressive Collapse Working Group), Ryszard Kowalczyk (Advisory Group), Robert Lau (Associate Editor), Simon Lay (Advisory Group), Bill Maibusch (Country Representative for Qatar), Thomas McCool (Advisory Group), Ronald Mischek (Country Representative for Austria), Moira Moser (Advisory Group), Nasayoshi Nakai (Country Representative for Japan), Daniel O'Connor (Fire & Safety Working Group), Felino Palafox (Country Representative for Philippines), Leah Ray (Conference Organizing Committee), Jerry Reich (Advisory Group), Mark Sarkisian (Advisory Group), David Scott (Board of Trustees), Elena Shuvalova (Country Representative for Russia), Robert Smilowitz (Progressive Collapse Working Group), Brett Taylor (Country Representative for Australia), Ines Tiu (Conference Organizing Committee), Jose Torero (Fire & Safety Working Group), Lucas Tryggestad (Conference Organizing Committee), Alexios Vandoros (Greece), Steven Watts (Advisory Group), Peter Weismantle (Height Committee), and Antony Wood (Executive Director).